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Comment Re:If stuck in the same situation... (Score 1) 1176

Plug wires you could just pull free haven't really been seen since distributor-less ignition became common in the mid-90s.

The average age of vehicles owned by Americans has been going up steadily (about 10 years old is the figure now!) and the comments here seem to reflect that, vastly underestimating how computerized and "black-boxed" cars have become nowadays.

Comment Re:Usually there's a fuse/relay panel in driver re (Score 1) 1176

I doubt there would be any easy access to the fuses from inside the cockpit. These are more often placed under the hood, and if you looked under the hood of a brand new vehicle, you see that there is a a solid wall of plastic with almost nothing user accessible. I'm fairly sure a least one recent car model doesn't even have an oil cap visible under the hood.

Comment Wagic: The Homebrew (Score 2) 279

Initial setup for the game and building a deck are somewhat time intensive, but once you are familiar with the game you can start it up and play a game or two and then shut it down.

We're all nerds here, and this game has enough complexity to satisfy. You can also help with coding if you like by hacking on the game files, since the official game that Wagic is based on is always moving forward!

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