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Comment Re:Florida abandoned touchscreen voting in favor.. (Score 2, Informative) 175

Actually Black Box did show how the Optical Scan system could be pwned! Access to the cards that hold the counts, even for a couple of minutes, could result in the election being rigged!

The only good part, is you still have the ballots. Reset the counting machines, use a card that is good, and the election results will actually (more or less) reflect the votes. I say more or less because the ballots are still filled in by Sheeple, and some of them, even after years of doing it, cannot fill out the ballot correctly!

Comment Re:Simple fix? (Score 1) 179

The video is of a turbine with a failure in the system that pitched the blades during high winds. As another poster noted, the blades will still rotate, slowly.

The video shows a catastrophic failure, caused by a failure in the system, not the blades moving too fast. Did the blade fail (separate from the hub) before it hit the pole? Is the quality of the YouTube video good enough to determine?

Comment Re:Simple fix? (Score 1) 179

The entire unit does not move, but the blades move in the wind and that is what the doppler radar picks up. The rotation of the blades around the hub - going first toward, and then away from the radar antenna causes the appearance of a tornado by the radar.

And - yes the unit does not generate power at higher speeds, but the blades still rotate in the wind when shutdown, so having the units shutdown does not eliminate the issue!

Comment Re:This is one thing I won't do (Score 1) 623

Hmmm - so here we are on a geek web site and you are worried about the stuff in the mag stripe on you license???

So replace it with "Mickey Mouse" born -- whenever you feel like (as long as its 21 years ago or more).

With people sliding their cards, the bouncers are going to be less likely to actually look at the license!

(Just don't pass it to the police officer that pulls you over with the reader in his car!)

Comment Re:I agree. (Score 1) 465

We had a 24 processor AIX machine running our database. During peak periods it was running 90% CPU utilization.

A senior developer (me) looked at the piece of code - rewrote it and now during peak the same CPU only runs 40%!

(The prior programmers were ---- not the best in the world!).

Sometimes throwing hardware at the problem doesn't solve the problem. Running 4 queries and 1 stored procedure to get two integers isn't the smartest way of doing things.

Comment Re:Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols (Score 2, Informative) 206

Sorry folks - Way back before the internet as we know it - on the Santa Cruz forums of CompuServe, Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols was one of the people that provided a lot of support and help to the poor, uneducated (then anyway) System Admin's of SCO machines.

So yea, I believe SJVN is a real person.

And yes, the company calling itself SCO is so totally screwed!

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