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Journal Journal: Freedom of speech moderated Troll

On Slashdot at least.

Wonder if its the americans this is an american site after all. they seem to like to censor things, while i come from a country where we can say "fuck" on primetime. But then words don't frighten us as much as it seems to do some people.

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Journal Journal: Still waiting

This is regular lord of the flies, the kids rule the damn asylum at slashdot,...

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Journal Journal: Revolt of the kids

So, all the little kids were out in force, modding me troll all over because i point out a few facts - I wonder if its because they love their little warez heaven? And rude as well.

How weird that Slashdot indirectly supports criminal behavior by preventing the opposing view to be heard. Tut tut.

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Journal Journal: Google Groups 2 - sucks 2

Well, it finally happened: They do evil. Boy do the new layout suck, for me its 50% less screen space. Their lame (as in bad) page design causes it to close be unreadable and some functionality is way down.

I rue the day when Google Groups 1 is gone - pity i didn't buy stocks, i could have sold them again!

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Journal Journal: Firefly in the Navy

MWR - stands for Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Its the people in the American Navy who try to live up to their name by entertaining the troops. They've just struck a deal with enterprising Firefly fans who've donated 250 DVD sets of the series. So through the Navy's "Afloat" library program, US sailors around the world will be able to enjoy Firefly during their downtime (meanwhile Joss Whedon is working on the motion picture).

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Journal Journal: Divx going a bit too far?

VirtualDub is a great and free video capture and editing open source utility. However the author announces that he won't support DivX 5.1 in any way, shape or form in VirtualDub. It's not that he is boycotting it, its just that after he installed the codecs and tried to play something he was greeted with the message: "Debugger detected - please close down and restart" - A userspace driver (even the free version) with a protection wrapper. He can't debug Virtualdub AT ALL when the codec is installed because it triggers on load, in fact you can't debug any programs if you hover over an avi in the open dialog, explorer load the codecs to dislay information and the codecs terminates your application.

He does not this is a good choice on the part of Divx Networks, I agree!

The Internet

Journal Journal: Get it right you damn incompetents! 7

Damn, is a lot of the web written by incompetents. And i'm not talking about the content, but the composition of HTML. Even if you are just a bit myopic it can be though reading all the small letters that usually ensues from misuse of Stylesheets (in MSIE you can't change the font size if someone twit has specified an absolute font size) - but now the progressive Brits have made it a crime if you don't design your pages properly - God save the Queen!


Journal Journal: Can you trust Snopes not to spin rumours of their own? 3

Snopes is a site, perhaps trusted to much by too many, which claims to debunk urban legends, and apparently if they are wrong they just try to change history:

The Agonist was apparently first to mention it: After 11th of September, Michael Moore was claiming on TV that Saudi royals and members of Bin Ladens family were secretly flown out of the country by Bush's special order during the ban on air travel. Snopes, debunker of all evil slammed Moore and expressed harsh words wich boiled down to "He's full of shit". Well, now he's been proven right! And Snopes just edits the page and goes in to denial about the whole thing. And what's also interesting is that the Google cache of the page has suddenly disappeared! Of course some people claim Google are closed friends with the spy community, though i suppose there are always conspiracy theories. And so people start to analyse,talk and rumminate about Snopes, Google, Moore and Bush and his Saudi friends.

I like Tom Tomorrows comment: See, when Michael says it, he's a crazy truth-distorting axe-grinder. But when much of what he said turns out to be true, suddenly it's "subjective political issues outside of the scope of this page."

Edit:Sean-Paul (The Agonist) points out that it was actually Tom Tomorrow who was the first to point this out.

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