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Comment WTF?!?! (Score -1, Offtopic) 249

Linux just isn't ready for the desktop yet. It may be ready for the web servers that you nerds use to distribute your TRON fanzines and personal Dungeons and Dragons web-sights across the world wide web, but the average computer user isn't going to spend months learning how to use a CLI and then hours compiling packages so that they can get a workable graphic interface to check their mail with, especially not when they already have a Windows machine that does its job perfectly well and is backed by a major corporation, as opposed to Linux which is only supported by a few unemployed nerds living in their mother's basement somewhere. The last thing I want is a level 5 dwarf (haha) providing me my OS.

Comment Hehehe (Score 5, Funny) 610

The EFF analyst has apparently been browsing Slashdot for far too long cause even he is using car analogies!

One need only transpose Apple's arguments to the world of automobiles to recognize their absurdity. Sure, GM might tell us that, for our own safety, all servicing should be done by an authorized GM dealer using only genuine GM parts. Toyota might say that swapping your engine could reduce the reliability of your car. And Mazda could say that those who throw a supercharger on their Miatas frequently exceed the legal speed limit.

Comment Re:Following Apple (Score 1) 535

Right, cause kids at the mall would really hate being stuck at the store with rock band up on the projector while their moms buy shoes.

There are already stores like that at the mall. It's called EBGames/Gamestop and all those kids would already be hanging out there to begin with.

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