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My android phone notifies me about phone calls and sms messages I get on my Windows 7 desktop over bluetooth just fine. Now try this on Ubuntu or Mac and see what happens, nothing. Same app, same protocol, even same implementation (bluez on android and ubuntu)! I wrote the desktop program ( and we have a lot of people complaining that it doesn't work, the bluetooth stack generates cryptic error messages that does not mean anything because the OS decided to use its underlying socket abstraction to do RFCOMM I/O, errors during I/O are silently ignored, that sort of thing. IBM never implemented support for bluetooth in J9 JVM for my palm zire 72, you know why? Bluetooth is just a mess, it didn't work correctly with Windows XP at the time and alternative implementations like SuperWaba wouldn't implement a bluetooth API, they would expose it as a socket abstraction. We are better off using wifi that is better standardized and focused (just TCP/IP I/O) instead of bluetooth and its profiles, modes of operation, etc.

Submission + - "Pure Java" API for Executing Compute Tasks on GPU (

lehphyro writes: This week Gary Frost from AMD unveiled an alpha release of Aparapi (A PARallel API) , an API that allows programmers to write logic in Java to be executed on a GPU. GPUs are the massively parallel hardware acceleration chips originally installed in PCs to boost graphics rendering performance but that are now pushed to other kinds of compute-intensive tasks that have nothing to do with graphics.

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