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Comment Re:We don't make money from peering or colocation (Score 1) 238

So what do you make money from if I become a Google Fiber customer? That's what I'm concerned about. If it's just the fair-market cost of the service I'm paying for, then that's fine. If your noble stance hides the fact that you attach yourself to the fiber like a tick to suck value by monitoring my use of the service and selling that information to the highest bidder, then we have a problem.

Presumably you are in the US, and most service providers do some level of monitoring of individual connections. Nothing new. ANd then there's the NSA. Your life and all those little secrets is "That" close to being an open book.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 316

Just wanted to add that I also used a current build of Ubuntu a couple months ago as well in case you missed that part of it.

Yea, I saw it. You probably feel using Linux like I do using windows "wtf is shit!". Nothing that I am used to, or care about. A lack of configration options. I have to install a bunch of stuff to make it half way usable, all from third party providers which mean they don't get updated with the system, and I only get one desktop (or have they fixed that one yet), the native networking and build tools just suck. Is there a native terminal application yet? I haven't tried 8, but that is lacking in 7. Why can apple put that kind of stuff with the OS and on Windows you get shit. Its broken by design. At least for me.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 316

Tried Mac in 2013 for 6 months, not an awesome experience. Never freed up large amounts of memory unless i did it manually, adobe products temp files took up 130gb and not intuitive to find and delete, little things like single clicking on a long file name to see the whole file from the desk top or even finder was impossible. That was important to me since my photo file names are usually pretty long(Latename - date - sequence). It didnt work for the way that "I" work so it wasnt an option. Plus, bought the MBP maxed out for 2500, couldnt sell if for more than 1300. Complete waste of money and time for me.

If you didn't like it, you didn't like it, and that's fine... you should certainly work using whatever tools you feel most comfortable with. But your specific points I don't get.

He was using Linux in the early 90's. I am sure that was interesting. Great for networking tools and playing around with remote X sessions and multiple window managers and multiple desktops and Type 1 fonts, but compared to Windows .... well, yea, it was actually light years ahead. Windows was a crippled, buggy dog back then. After 20 years, they have gotten a lot of the bugs out.

Comment Re:squatting (Score 4, Informative) 102

The biggest threat to Apache is Apache. HTTPD 2.4 removed support for a number of operating systems and is tuned only for Linux. They've gone to the dark side and it's going to hurt them.

Combine that with nginx, varnish and lighttpd and there are several real choices in the *NIX world. There is no need to go Apache anymore. This will make them look bad for some time to come as people try out alternatives. I'm evaluating switching to nginx now. The configuration is much different, but in the end it should make things much better.

What are the "number of OS's"? It clearly supports windows versions > windows 2000 (which my guess is better than the most recent release of IIS). I feel pretty sure the BSD guys would find a way to get supported. So what else, Solaris? Whoops, no, looks like people are doing that somewhere. BeOS? Android? If Apache looses ground, its primarily its reputation for memory and performance related issues.

Comment Re:weve had this for a while now havent we? (Score 1) 143

Moodle has been around since 2002. its open source and pretty easy to install and maintain. Google classroom, like most other google apps, ablates the responsibility of servers, networking, and an IT staff and in turn allows educational institutions to experience the full wealth of googles Software As A Service. Just imagine, your proctoring a major exam when suddenly your application just disappears in a fashion not unlike the massive gmail outage on 1/24/14. Google has no technical support, no publically available points of contact and zero fucks to give about your students or your lesson plan because you arent the consumer, you're the product. : "Phone support is available for administrators of Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, and Nonprofit accounts." Not sure how that compares to their Google Apps for Business stuff, but that has gone from mediocre to pretty good. I didn't loose anything in the great outage of 2014, despite having 3 gmail accts and using google docs with it. In fact, I've never lost a google doc in 6-7 years. And when you hear rants like this, there never seems the possibility that something can disappear in other ways besides a "google outage", or some "cloud cluster fuck". Users never delete things accidentally, or rename them, dogs no longer eat homework, and non-cloud servers never seem to crash, or if they do, there is super-IT man at the ready, and the backups are alway good and easy to pull that one file out that no one can find all of a sudden, and no one ever overwrites a file with an older version, and of course no one would care to backup stuff thats in the google, or other, cloud even though the tech for that exists.

Comment Re:weasel words (Score 1) 143

It's too bad the way Google shot their credibility to hell. A decade ago, there was boundless enthusiasm for everything google did, and now they've made it clear that they're trying to funnel you into their advertising-revenue-maximizing subsystems, regardless of what you actually want.

Kinda the way television, radio, newspapers and other media work, just on a bigger scale.

Comment Re:Slow follower (Score 0) 179

That's a little off-topic, but at the same time, I think comparing a surface to a Linux tablet makes more sense than comparing a Surface to an iPad or an Android tablet: The Surface is a full-featured PC in a tablet form factor, but iPad and Android are basically spiffed-up cell phones in a tablet form factor.

The problem for MS is that most consumers don't give a shit. There's not much value in "full featured PC's" any more.

Comment Re:OMG, ConEd will know when i use electricity (Score 2) 167

this is horrible, imagine if they could build out for peak capacity in the right locations for the right times so there wouldn't be anymore rolling blackouts in july and august

That's rather narrow way of thinking. They companies that own transmission lines *already* know this information.

I wonder why they are paying the reported $40 per user then?

Comment Re:You are the product (Score 2) 167

The difference between Microsoft and Facbook/Google is that Microsoft does not rely on advertising revenue to subsist. At Microsoft, profits from Windows/Office/Enterprise are subsidizing Bing. At Facebook/Google profits from advertising are subsidizing everything else.

That's not for lack of trying by MS though. They've just failed miserably at it.

Comment Re:What now? 1 billion! (Score 1) 285

If you don't think Excel is widely used for all sorts of meaningless crap across a wide array of corporate and non-corporate jobs you're being willfully ignorant.

Corporate world sure, everywhere else is a maybe sometimes, which is a long way from "almost everyone", which is just ridiculous. That comes from people who live in a corporate world and thinks everyone else does too. Not. There are tons of people in the non-corporate world who don't even need a spreadsheet for anything. And some who do, that don't use Excel.

Comment Re:What now? 1 billion! (Score 0) 285

Because, unfortunately in some regards, (almost) everyone uses Excel for EVERYTHING. Most people outside of Slashdot could probably name one Database program (Microsoft Access) that they've heard of, and I'm willing to bet most of them don't know how to use it.

I don't see a smiley so I guess this is meant to be serious. You must be stuck in one shit hole corporate job somewhere if you think that about Excel. You are wrong on databases too. I'd say most people couldn't name any, and why should they? 2 of 2, nice.

Comment Re:Windows Phone 8.1 (Score 1) 69

I originally bought my 920 for just the camera; I have kids so I wanted to have a good camera at all times.

It wound up being better then the iPhone in a lot of ways, and now with the update (yes, I went to the developer preview mode) it's actually far better than iPhone or Android. And I have a Galaxy S4 I use for work, so it's not for lack of trying everything.

The only quip I have right now is the way that associations for things are handles (open with), but I think there has been some work done here, apps just have to take advantage of it.

Yea, maybe its got it all covered, but why are they always last to the party? Why does it take years? It looks like they wait for other people to have an idea, then imitate that. Give me somebody who is looking ahead and not back, please. Tiles? Please, not enough people care that it makes a difference.

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