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Comment Re:This is what happens (Score 3, Informative) 224

I remember 10 years ago I actually saw a retail boxed package of Red Hat Linux in a store in a small northern Wisconsin town, I thought it was funny.

The software in the box was of course "free". The box itself, the manual, the support, and the media inside the box cost $39.95.

Comment Re:351 +2 (Score 1) 119

To be fair, those TV's are probably all running Webkit. I still prefer Chrome over Internet Explorer, but IE 10 (the "Metro" version anyway) isn't a mind-numbingly terrible piece of software in comparison to the competition. It's good to know that, however ironic it may be, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera are all working opposite Google to keep the web away from just a different monoculture.

I've not had the personal "pleasure" of using IE10, since my long experience with previous MS products led me down a different path. But it is kinda of good to see MS is not shitting all over their own customers any more, just because they can and their customers don't know any better.

Comment Re:Search engines are a commodity (Score 2) 158

The power of Google is its ability to provide higher quality results for rarer and non-trivial searches. Bing has made no attempt to compete here

Wouldn't that be mainly due to Google's incumbancy?

As someone who rarely goes to Bing, and just took a peak, I am always amazed at how much of Google MS has mimicked. Layouts, menus, color schemes. There appears to be very little that is really original or obvious improvements. Not talking even about quality of results. Which would seem to indicate, if you want the latest / greatest features in search, you will see them first at Google. Bing is just an imitation. Its like they are providing a branded version of Google. Which isn't news. MS has a long history of taking things other people have developed, putting their spin on it, finding a way to shove it into the market using their OS dominance and name, and then either grabbing market share, and with a little luck maybe make some money. But rarely do they have an original idea, or improve on someone else's ideas. Apple, OTOH, takes other people's ideas, and tends to improve them, and usually make some money. Google just has ideas, some good, some not so good.

Comment Re:Wordpress should die (Score 1) 145

The moment a company decides to use Wordpress as their underlying site "technology", its game over.

Like CNN, NYTimes ... ?

This was supposed to be a product that allowed people at home to set up a content site quickly, not an enterprise level technology.

Actually originally and for a long time, it was a blogging platform ... for people who write blogs. Not really for housewifes and the like.

So if this thing is causing significant security issues, it should be placed at the top of the Internet's most hated and avoided like the plague.

"if" ? If your aunt had a dick she'd be your uncle.

Comment Re:Come on MS (Score 1) 139

You can say that without it even crossing your mind that maybe they know something you don't?

Besides how to create monopolies and not pay a real price for it? They were really good at the whole "embrace, extend, extinguish" thing when they needed to, and they got away with it. Impressively so. But now that they've lost that tool, they seem to spend most their time shitting in their own nest. High quality shit, but shit nonetheless.

Comment Re:Come on MS (Score 3, Funny) 139

No iPad support, which is arguably the largest use case scenario. You have to subscribe to Office 365. You can't just buy it in the app store.

I honestly can't come up with a way they could have fucked this up any more. Once again MS snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

Its kind of good sport to watch them shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. One of the wonders of the known universe is they still manage to turn a profit. Its a strange world sometimes.

Comment Re:It adds up (Score 5, Insightful) 243

Yes, only if all of them are just browsing the internet all the time. But if they are making real work, maybe the results would not be that good.

You have to consider the source here too ... its Microsoft. It was "sponsored" research, which translates to "rigged" test with rigged results. So it is indeed done for marketing purposes, or why else do it. Probably a simple web page with little css or js. You can't take anything they say at face value.

Comment SSDD (Score 1) 581

The MS business model is to a) buy / copy someone else's business plan / idea b) provide just enough quality and value to get a big audience and c) start taking where you really don't want to go but now they've set the hook and you are in their playground d) start fucking you and hope you like it enough to come back for more.

Comment Re:Ballmer is a Great CEO (Score 1) 400

The only thing that is keeping Ballmer is Windows and Office and still keeping the company afloat financially. However, Vista and Win 8 are huge black marks for Windows which happened under Ballmer's watch. Zune and Kin happened under his watch. Xbox (still not broken even yet) happened under his watch.

True, just 'bing' it!

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