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Comment SSDD (Score 1) 581

The MS business model is to a) buy / copy someone else's business plan / idea b) provide just enough quality and value to get a big audience and c) start taking where you really don't want to go but now they've set the hook and you are in their playground d) start fucking you and hope you like it enough to come back for more.

Comment Re:Ballmer is a Great CEO (Score 1) 400

The only thing that is keeping Ballmer is Windows and Office and still keeping the company afloat financially. However, Vista and Win 8 are huge black marks for Windows which happened under Ballmer's watch. Zune and Kin happened under his watch. Xbox (still not broken even yet) happened under his watch.

True, just 'bing' it!

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 400

When will Microsoft wake up the fact they release crap, users are getting fed up with it.

People have been putting up with it for over 20 years; why would MS change their strategy now?

Its finally catching up with them now. They got away with it because they were pretty much the only viable game in town. They fucked up the tablet market, and their phone market, and people have real choices in those areas. But people think of MS as the crap company that pushes crap. And who wants a phone or a tablet from a company that is a known, certified crap dealer. Its quite fun to watch all this though, I gotta say.

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 400

While I generally agree with your post, I wonder is there any throat to grab for theCEO if windows fuxors something up?

IF? The problem is there are multiple IT related industries being "supported" by the fuxor syndrome, that is known as "windows". But its accepted, and has become expected. Yea, its very hard to sell "free", but not so hard to sell a guarantee or whathaveyou. The "free" thing does not really have a salesman or account rep.

Comment Re:Not to worry (Score 1) 497

What else would businesses run?

Uh, Android, Apple, or anything with a web browser. SaaS, Cloud, etc. Not to say that works for every use case, but every use case used to be a windows pc. Plenty of work environments are using tablets (ipads) now as either replacements for pc's or supplements to them, making the pc less important. And the whole point of the article is that the demotion of the ms based pc is a pretty significant trend. Does MS go away completely? Of course not. Are they earning significant less than they would have if things were going their way? Surely. Are they the dominant player across the board that they once were?

Comment Re:Sounds like a huge risk (Score 4, Funny) 94

We're talking about actively exploited critical vulnerabilities. Fix the hole now! You can make it pretty later.

Yea, but I only do bugs once a month. On Tuesdays. I can't be bothered before then. Your problems may seem big, but I choose to do things my way, at my pace. Besides my inaction helps support a large secondary market for security appliances, IT support personnel and the like. We jeopardize an entire sector of the economy by undermining these people.

Comment Re:And when they get bitten in the ass? (Score 1) 94

Not sure coding works on something the scale of google, but programmers are people and they go on vacation, funerals, get fired, get hired and freeshly acquainted with their jobs too.

Will Google be as supportive of this policy after the first time some major bug hits one of their more minor products and the guy who knows all about it is gone whereever hat week?


Comment Re:I can't wait to see this battle (Score 1) 716

How is Google going to determine whether a request to Youtube is sent from this app?

Really? Presumably via request headers or other fingerprinting techniques. If they wanted to be real jerks (like remember when MS required an IE user agent string just to access, they could just start disallowing this traffic now.

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