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Comment Re:Sounds like a huge risk (Score 4, Funny) 94

We're talking about actively exploited critical vulnerabilities. Fix the hole now! You can make it pretty later.

Yea, but I only do bugs once a month. On Tuesdays. I can't be bothered before then. Your problems may seem big, but I choose to do things my way, at my pace. Besides my inaction helps support a large secondary market for security appliances, IT support personnel and the like. We jeopardize an entire sector of the economy by undermining these people.

Comment Re:And when they get bitten in the ass? (Score 1) 94

Not sure coding works on something the scale of google, but programmers are people and they go on vacation, funerals, get fired, get hired and freeshly acquainted with their jobs too.

Will Google be as supportive of this policy after the first time some major bug hits one of their more minor products and the guy who knows all about it is gone whereever hat week?


Comment Re:I can't wait to see this battle (Score 1) 716

How is Google going to determine whether a request to Youtube is sent from this app?

Really? Presumably via request headers or other fingerprinting techniques. If they wanted to be real jerks (like remember when MS required an IE user agent string just to access, they could just start disallowing this traffic now.

Comment Re:Amazon Web Service (Score 2) 75

AWS has many options. You can deploy a single micro server for free for 1 year and stacks of technology and server resources that scale horizontally or vertically very easily. The really were the first successful "Cloud" (IaaS, PaaS) service provider and are probably the cheapest, especially if you want to get your feet wet.

I totally agree. If you at the point where you are needing / wanting node and the like, then spin up a linux image, and install whatever you want. You don't need a traditional hosting company at all. The cost of AWS is negligible in this scenrario (and free for a yr as mentioned), the benefits are great, assuming you have the wherewithal to install and play with stuff like node.

Comment Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 1) 394

Eh? If silverlight is going away as it seems to be, it's nothing to do with a business strategy - they need to be able to continue to support their service. In addition, I expect they received a fair penny from MS to use Silverlight, and it's quite possible that the specified time on that particular contract is coming to an end.

As far as other platform support: don't look for it anytime soon no matter what tech they go with. There simply is no return on investment for them to maintain and support a service for such a small portion of their user base - especially when you consider partner agreements that are likely rather restrictive in terms of DRM requirements.

Netfix wants something closer to "platform-less". Its not about today, or "anytime soon", its about tomorrow and all those things that no one can predict what will happen. Look at what the iphone did .... changed mobile, killed flash, put a major dent in MS's plans. Nobody could have predicted that impact. Why support platforms? Support a technology that is supported by all current and future platforms. Maybe tomorrow I'll be in a driverless car, hit autopilot and watch a movie (via netflix). Maybe my TV will start to do cool stuff because Samsung created something linux based and then has TVOS. Who cares about the OS? html5 does not necessarily solve all that (yet), but its the right direction. Proprietary stuff does not survive in a truly open arena like we pretty much have.

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