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Comment Re:government idiots (Score 1) 394

Since China, Mexico, India, and many places in the USA (chillers for example) routinely dump 1000s of tons of CFC's and HCFCs into the atmosphere, including R-12 (not US as we "banned" it), I fail to see how what is released via inhalers does any harm. Especially since each inhaler contains far less than an ounce.

If the companies sold 100,000,000 million inhalers, and each inhaler released a total of .1 ounce of CFC-12(commonly known as R-12) that would be less that 318 pounds of R-12.

With chillers in China and Mexico dumping 1000+ pounds of R-12 each week, India and Mexico, and China and Vietnam and every other 3rd world country venting out all refrigerants from car ACs to home refrigerators, to commercial cooling equipment, the 318 pounds is not going to have any effect.

Other than raise our health care costs and increase the amount of folks who can't afford to treat their illness, and eventually turning to disability in order to get medical care for something they could treat OTC for a small price.

Comment Re:It feels old and already seen (Score 1) 413

You got that right. On a twinked out, fully chanted lvl 19 rogue, I could not solo kill a lvl 15 holy priest wearing BA chest and shoulders and random quest greens no higher than ilvl 11-12. I could kill lvl 19 retpallies as a lvl 15 twinked out and fully chanted mage, and as a twinked and enchanted lvl 10 mage, I got ironman and wrecking ball in my first WSG,

Comment Re:It's not just Bitcoin. (Score 1) 535

And your point is?

How many of them were committing crimes to buy illegal drugs?

If they could have done like the local winos do, and panhandled for an hour to get their fix, they might not have been engaging in those crimes.

That is the cost of the WoD.

Which has spent at least a trillion US dollars, raped our Constitution in the US, and the end result?

Legalization would make it harder for underaged kids to get it, cut off funding to the criminals and raise money via "sin" taxes.

Comment Re:What about salting? (Score 1) 615

Ok, call me stupid, but password stuff is not my area of expertise.

If "salt" means added random bits (from wiki) how does memory play a role?

Is it RAM they are talking about rather than hard drive space?

With TB drives less than $100.00 USD, it seems that space can't be the problem.

My only solace is knowing that I don't use the interwebs for any type of banking access, and that all my passwords are 15+ characters long and stored securely on Post-it notes by my computer. And if they are in my house looking at them, I got bigger worries than the sanctity of my WoW and /. accounts.

Comment Re:Less Successful than Other Reboots (Score 1) 292

I first read the Hobbit, then the LOTR before I was 8 years old. Of course, I learned how to read sort of young. My sister was 5 and in kindergarten and I was 3.

Everyday when she came home, I made her play school and teach me everything she learned that day.

And all my family members were/are readers. Mom, dad, grandparents on both sides, uncles and cousins.

Comment Re:Success, not failure (Score 1) 505

Teens old enough to have a baby, ~12 years old, but they can't decide to have sex.

A 14 year old, who can't make any decisions that are legally binding, such as consenting to sex with an older person, drive a car sign a contract or even refuse medical treatment if ordered by his guardians, can make a decision to do something that can get him a needle ride.

The major problem is that the age of accountability needs to be set, What age is open for debate, but at some point kid needs to be kids and on the other side they need to be adults.

And yes it needs to be across the board, drinking, smoking, fucking, dying, whatever.

Comment Re:Streisand Effect (Score 1) 581

A contract can not make you do something illegal. There is nothing illegal about saying 'I won't talk about you.' More importantly, the Constitution says only what the government may, may not, and must do. It says nothing about what individuals may, may not, or must do. You have no 'constitutional rights' when dealing with another non-governmental entity.

Hmm, I can not refuse to provide service to a customer based on his religion or race. The courts have ruled to do so is violating his Constitutional rights. And I am far from being a government entity.

Comment Re:mine bitcoins then grow pot? (Score 1) 411

Actually good results are obtainable using CFLs. While the yield is not as large as HPS/MH, nor the buds as tight, the quality is there. The set up and operating cost for a grow for personal use, utilizing CFLs is much cheaper.

A small proofing box or a 8x10' walk in cooler, conditioned by a 1.5 ton ultra-high efficiency mini-split system will add maybe 100 bucks a month to your electric bill in the area I live in. If you use CFL or tubes.

I actually was planning on going out to CA and selling the box and equipment if they passed the pot law out there.

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