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Comment Re:I am still skeptical (Score 2) 180

But it is an invisible thing that he doesn't understand. Don't interfere with his panic attack with reason or logic. Fear of what you can't see is a cornerstone of our society. Never mind the EM radiation coming out of his (probably 2GHz) computer. Or the wifi. Or, the X-rays from the sun. These aren't relevant, cell phones are evil cancer causing devices!

Comment Re:bad engineering? (Score 1) 526

If we subscribe to the idea that there are no unbreakable record players (see my reply to sibling poster), then all sound systems are "defective by design." I do agree Dell should have taken greater steps to prevent this situation, but I don't see it as the massive mistake others do. Design of a real (not philosophically questionable ideal) involves a lot of compromise. Welcome to the real world. Try the veal, it is very good.

Comment Re:bad engineering? (Score 1) 526

You clearly have never read Douglas R. Hofstadter's Godel Escher and Bach. Specifically the section on the "unbreakable" record player. But, yes, it may be possible to build such a device, though it is questionable if it could still be called a record player. But I wax philosophical now, and yes, Dell should have taken steps to prevent a normally unlikely situation.

Comment Re:bad engineering? (Score 1) 526

And do you understand the physical characteristics of a high wattage speaker? Size? Weight? and so on? Lots of things have multiple ratings for multiple scenarios. For example, I can run an a transformer at 40MVA average, but peak at 60MVA without additional cooling. This allows me to use a smaller, lighter transformer than if I had specified a 60MVA continuous rating. If I have correct protection circuitry, the system will function just fine, and in fact is more efficient, since I can get away with passive cooling on 40MVA, where at 60MVA in a similar form factor, I might be unable to.

The only thing I can see here is that Dell did not provide the speaker/driver specifications, although the much publicized "we don't support VLC" is sort of a clue. They attempted software protection, by trying to specify what software was supported - this is not an ideal approach, but it isn't nonsensical either.

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