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Comment Re:People pay for music? (Score 1) 364

That is how I read it too. Basically google is trying to use Youtube to leverage it's way into the audio streaming market. This in itself isn't evil, but the means they're using (brute force) is a bit shitty and the contracts they offer are also (allegedly - I haven't read one) shitty. That would be evil, or at least not good.

Comment Re:Old bible scolars (Score 1) 190

I don't actually think this is about tolerance. Sure AC is a rude bastard, but he isn't entirely wrong. It is ... shall we say unwise... to jump upon every minor discovery as supporting a particular world view without considering it carefully first.

Personally, I don't buy a literal interpretation of Genesis, and I have found people who do tend to grasp desperately at anything that seems to support their argument, which often leaves them with egg on the face, as it were. Almost as if they don't really believe, but are trying desperately to convince themselves. It's a position that seems to me to be a bit antithetical to Christianity, and perhaps is ill-advised. I don't doubt that there are literalists who aren't quite like that, but it seems to be a trend of sorts. Perhaps because the television evangelists realised that a good conspiracy sells very well and have been pushing it for years to try and trap people in order to part them with their money.

Comment Re: Other way around (Score 1) 711

Because no steam content is hosted locally. Right... ok, keep insulting me, you're really on a roll there, and it makes you look so good. Never mind that my complete complaint is that even if what you alledge is the case, why can't apple put "pending local approval" or similar in the store, instead of dangling something in front of you and denying it on the location of not your accound, but your credit card. So if I wanted to buy the game with a sa card while physically located in the states I should be able too. I understand governments can be thick, but I can't see a way apple comes out of this looking good. You certainly don't.

Comment Re: Other way around (Score 1) 711

I do believe him, yes. He seems like an honest fellow, and I have a record of the conversation. Apple, is however, exactly that, a faceless corporation. Who did not care enough to respond to either myself, or the author (again, I choose to trust the author over some beurocratic and notorious corporation, perhaps simply because he was polite enough to respond). You alledging I am a liar is nothing more than an ad homien attack. I did make a best effort attempt to contact both, and I think it is totally reasonable to find in favour of the one who showed up to defend themselves.

Comment Re:Other way around (Score 1) 711

The author said it was Apple, and that they were notorious for being uncommunicative. Apple did not ban it, and later (about 1.5 years) released it here. I was not inclined to wait around for them to decide. To be clear, my communications from Apple amounts to adverts they sent me.

The author's last email to me was as follows:

I'm afraid I still have no idea what is going on there. And, alas, Apple is notoriously uncommunicative about these things. I'm not sure there'll be anything I can do about it. Many apologies!

Why are you now attacking my or the Author's integrity? I smell a shill.

Comment Re:Other way around (Score 1) 711

Given that the author replied and took it up with Apple, while my queries to Apple were ignored, I am inclined to disagree. If Apple had responded that it was unavailable because of x, or y or the author, I would have some way to say you may be correct. But given their silence to me, their customer, I must assume their guilt.

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