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Comment Re:But will CM sync my contacts? (Score 1) 111

This isn't an automated sync, but is how to get the contacts on your device/sim into Gmail/Google:

You need to *move* the contacts. It's not super-intuitive, especially as it's more of a "copy" operation rather than a "move" operation.

Sorry if you already knew this and it doesn't work for you.

Comment Re:People Worried? (Score 1) 385

How does it limit customer choice?

It prevents people from buying a phone that has everything that they like about the iPhone, but is also an improvement on the iPhone. This is exacerbated by Apple's own policies that hinder their customer's ability to make their own improvements to their own property.

I wonder whether a larger issue may be that people want the GUI to be consistent, even between different models and makes of phone.

It seems counter-productive to have phones with different GUIs for the sake of avoiding patent infringement. The result is the consumer wastes time re-learning how to use the device.

Comment Re:"Since its acquisition by Sony" (Score 1) 102

Or a version of Obliterator that runs at a playable frame rate! :)

I have extremely fond memories of 1980s Psygnosis. "Shadow of the Beast" was my first introduction to "parallax scrolling", which seemed to become a mandatory feature of all side-scrollers from that point on.

Absolutely *loved* their logo too.

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