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Comment Re:It's true -- but only root can read them though (Score 2) 341

Not quite. Root access means a compromised single host. Access to a list of WiFi passwords means compromising all the WiFi networks the machine in question has been given access to, so you'd still want that encrypted.

Sure, but if you're root, then you can quite easily decrypt to find those passwords. This isn't to say that it shouldn't be encrypted (another hurdle, etc), but once you're root, then anything on that machine is fair game, including those WiFi passwords if you're determined enough.

Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 0) 512

Just to make it clear, my argument isn't really that it's wrong to treat this insect in that way (I'd have problems with it if it was done for kicks, etc, but I can see the educational and experimental benefits if done solely for those purposes), but I do think that the question asked ("You don't see a difference between killing it and doing this?") is a valid question, one that we should always be asking wherever you stand on whether it's right or wrong to deny self-control to another being for our own benefit (I can see good reasons why it's acceptable, but with reservations). I just don't see why it's a troll post as indicated. Seems like a unjustified use of moderation for what's a fair question of ethics.

Comment Re:Cockroach rights? (Score 2, Interesting) 512

Why's this post considered a troll? Seems a valid question to ask, even if one is fine with doing this to a roach. Personally, I can see some validity in doing this within reason, but I do think that the issue shouldn't be taken lightly. So, to me, the question above is well worth asking. Mind you, I have bad karma, so maybe it's natural that I missed the point of the score. ;)

Comment Re:Finally looks exactly like Chrome (Score 0) 250

I'm actually for having both the search bar and the address bar. I just want to have the option to have only the address bar and use it the way I have used it for some years, where I can use keywords to create searches. Still, if people want the search bar, then fine; I wouldn't want it removed. The point is, I actually hate this dumbing down of the GUI where you can't customise it (thanks, Google...). The poster above yours is just as inflexible as the "fucktards" he/she is lambasting against; same coin different side...

Comment Re:Finally looks exactly like Chrome (Score 0) 250

Yet another button and mouse click, though. I have my search bar set up to accept key words to run search terms through various search engines and other sites. Basically the keyword brings up a bookmarked URL string, adding the search term to the end of it, then sending it. If I send an address to the address bar (IP or URL), it sends me to that address. If I put "w border collie" in the address bar, it makes a search link to Wikipedia for the term "border collie". I have many other search keywords for various things. It's better for me to do it this way than to use the search bar, and far more flexible... and quicker to change. Still, I don't object to the search bar, many seem to want it (like yourself), but I'd like the opportunity to remove it for my usage.

Comment Re:Finally looks exactly like Chrome (Score -1) 250

Yes. And that makes it a horrible horrible UI mistake. Search and URL are two very different things and should never ever be entered from the same UI element.

Well, I suppose if you have OCD or something like that, then you'd be disturbed by such a combination. The rest of us are flexible enough to recognise its benefits. First thing I do with a new install is remove the search bar, create relevant keyword searches, etc.

Comment Re:"Let me just take care of that for you." (Score 0) 303

You got it. It's designer-driven change for change's sake. The same problem as Gnome with Gnome3 and the same problem that MS have with Windows 8. Changes that nobody wants or needs - except bored designers.

Add to the list some bored Firefox designers and the upcoming Australis, the design to protect users from themselves. You can have customisation, but not the way you want it...

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