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Comment Re:NC is desperate for money (Score 1) 272

If that's the case, why not get online retailers to add an additional tax to products shipped to NC zip codes, which is then handed over?

I'm not familiar with the US tax system, but in the UK VAT is added at the point of sale, included in the price, and the total gathered by the supplier is paid once a year to the tax man.

If this is just to get taxes, why do they need personal information? So they can pursue cases individually? Talk about ball-ache.

Comment Re:Use It, Lose It (Score 1) 419

What about collisions that could have been avoided by fast evasive action? There's a very good reason why rally drivers always have two hands on the steering wheel. You have a higher degree of control and precision when you use both arms, however good your 'multitasking' skills are.

Comment Why the hell does it cost so much to reach orbit? (Score 0, Troll) 370

Seriously? $55.8 million for a single seat? And that's value for money compared to launching a shuttle?

Hear me out for a minute... the rocket is just going straight up, what's so hard? Just strap a sealed chamber onto a grain silo of fuel, surely? Are you telling me that if I had the best part of $60 million I couldn't design, build and fly my own rocket in to space? Even a brute force solution wouldn't be that expense, surely?

Comment Cell phone jamming? (Score 1) 349

People caught using a mobile when driving should have these installed into their motors, in the same vein as electronic tags. Friends can't call people when you're driving? That's your problem; maybe peer pressure will work. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege, and we take away other 'privileges' such as access to the internet and computer equipment for things that couldn't actually result in unnecessary death.

Comment Re:Its like 1000's of customers cried out (Score 1) 282

If people can receive BBC signals via their aerials they are likely residing in the UK, and thus, more than likely pay a TV license.

The BBC has been under pressure recently to reduce its costs, I suspect subsiding non-UK free-loaders is something they are trying to eliminate. I wouldn't be surprised if they added a paid subscription to iPlayer for non-UK residents in the future.

Comment Right, so instead of ... (Score 1) 107

the building shaking, the building will flail about in the air tossing the inhabitants around like a washing machine. There has to be some stability in the structure to allow people to safely exit.

I'm sure this approach will protect the buildings, but falling objects and/or people are one of the main causes of injury in an earthquake. I'm not sure this is better.

Comment Just wait until they outsource it... (Score 3, Insightful) 74

Although this certainly sounds more sophisticated, the UK NHS offers an 'over the phone diagnosis' service, NHS Direct. Although the article mentions 'physicians' being used to monitor the network, how long will it be until they too are using unqualified staff to handle more routine cases?

The danger for misdiagnosis is huge, although they no doubt have a clause somewhere about it - they may just end up telling patients to visit their doctor in person for a proper check-up, which kind of defeats the object.

Comment Let someone else worry about it (Score 1) 411

Rent some decent off-site storage at an established data centre and get a leased data line.

Don't bother messing about with tapes, it will be a full time job maintaining the library and space will be an issue after a while - I presume this is why you think it is impractical. With a proper data centre, you shouldn't have to worry about drives failing or the storage medium degrading due to age; most offer multiple site redundancy as well.

Seriously, don't get clever; save yourself the hassle and your business' reputation if something goes wrong with your 'lockbox' method.

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