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Comment Re:Uhm Yeah (Score 1) 163

Not sure the connection to papal infallibility... Papal infallibility is invoked when the pope speaks ex cathedra, lit. from the chair (of St. Peter), an event that has happend twice (both Marian doctrines): Pius IX, Immaculate Conception in 1854 and Pius XII, Assumption in 1950. It's not something done willy nilly.

Comment Re:Get a Job (Score 1) 182

Thanks for the advice! I'm super critical about my programming but everything you mentioned "arrays, lists, queues, stacks, iteration, and recursion " I feel fairly comfortable with. As for a sys admin (which to be totally honest, I think is right up my alley) do you have any specific recommendations. I feel fairly comfortable with Linux, I started with MEPIS, am writing this on a laptop with Ubuntu, and have messed around with several distros in VM (I even compiled a gentoo installation).

Comment Re:What do you want to do? (Score 1) 182

I think that my favorite thing to do is building and fixing computers. I enjoy the software side as well, and I know that I can do it, but I also love working with my hands as well. I posted it as "IT work" because it is broad. I really love anything to do with computers, and I have for years, and I love learning as much as I can. I work incredibly well with others, but I don't see myself as going into major software development (which I am told is notorious for 60+ hour weeks).

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 182

I came up with the name when I was either 13 or 14. It was for a text adventure that I had written (with an ungodly amount of gotos) inspired by the Legend of the Green Dragon. I had always loved the name Matt (from Mathias, think Redwall) and wanted a cool name to go with it. I thought, "what was another cool name: Luke Skywalker." Using that format I got Steelblade. I've just continued to use it over the years.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Job Search or More Education?

Matt Steelblade writes: I've been in love with computers since my early teens. I took out books from the library and just started messing around until I had learned QBasic, then Visual Basic 5, and how to take apart a computer. Fast forward 10 years. I'm a very recent college graduate with a BA in philosophy (because of seminary, which I recently left). I want to get into IT work, but am not sure where to start. I have about four years experience working at a grade/high school (about 350 computers) in which I did a lot of desktop maintenance and some work on their AD and website. At college (Loyola University Chicago) I tried to get my hands on whatever computer courses I could. I ended up taking an a python course, a C# course, and data structures (with python). I received either perfect scores or higher in these courses. I feel comfortable in what I know about computers, and know all to well what I don't. I think my greatest strength is in troubleshooting. With that being said, do I need more schooling? If so, should I try for an associates degree (I have easy access to a Gateway technical college) or should I go for an undergraduate (I think my best bet there would be UW-Madison). If not, should I try to get certified with CompTIA, or someone else? Or, would the best bet be to try to find a job or an internship? Thanks for the help, I've been a lurker for years.

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