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Comment Re:CAFE Kills (Score 1) 1184

The US is sitting on the largest oil reserves in the world.

Um... no. The US isn't even in the top 10 for reserves. Well over half of all known oil reserves are under the Middle East, with a large portion of that under Saudi Arabia. Venezuela as a country is sitting on more than anyone else.

Maybe you're thinking of coal? Coal, we do have the most, so luckily we'll have something left to sell to China to pay for all our oil.

Comment Re:Get a copy of The China Study (Score 4, Interesting) 655

An honest question: Is smoking part of it? From what I've seen, a huge percentage of people in China smoke quite a bit. Obviously, this is hard on the lungs and heart in the longer term, but in the short term, it does burn more calories and tends to make people thinner. So are people healthier or do they just "look" healthier?

Comment Re:Sci-Fi is Reel again (Score 1) 312

Yes, in the movie version of computer reality, error-checking was never invented. Thus, the only alternative to a condition that can't be solved is to whirl around until you explode. (In actual reality, we have of course perfected the unhelpful error message as an alternative to exploding).

Comment Re:"Universal laws"? (Score 3, Funny) 287

All this reminds me of when a mathematician, a physicist, and an engineer were told of a man who is across the room from a woman and moves half the remaining distance to the woman every minute. The mathematician said, "The man will never reach the woman." The physicist said, "In twenty minutes the man will be within an atomic radius of the woman and can be said to have reached her." The engineer said, "No problem, in five minutes that guy will be close enough for all practical purposes."

Please adjust this joke to the sexual proclivities of your audience as needed.

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