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Comment Re:At least this will prove zombies don't exist (Score 1) 296

No, all the nerds who complain about him should STOP PAYING HIM MONEY. Then he'll stop.

But how do you know they suck if you don't watch them? Star Wars fans waited for years for the prequels, myself included; you think some bad reviews were going to stop them/me going to the cinema? Oh, how I wish I'd waited.

I've now lost interest in all things Star Wars except episodes 4-6. Anything else, forget it... and that includes the upcoming 3D versions too. Thanks a lot, Lucas.

Comment Re:keyboard and mouse combo (Score 1) 178

I second the Dvorak layout. I had a wrist injury many years ago that from time-to-time would cause some pain after prolonged periods of typing with Qwerty. So I switched to Dvorak and bought an ergonomic keyboard (the common variety, nothing too expensive), and the pain practically disappeared. It took me a little longer than 2-4 weeks to become proficient though, my productivity took a steep dive downwards!

Comment Re:"built his house upon the sand" (Score 0) 429

If most Linux users logged in as root, ran everything as root, and never used less privileged accounts (through ignorance or through choice), then Linux viruses would be just as prevalent as Windows viruses. (In fact, I doubt Linux would be as prevalent as it is if that were the case!)

I use Windows 7. IMHO it's Microsoft's best work to date. My account isn't an Administrator account, so if I ever ran malicious software there's limits to the damage it could do. Yeah, occasionally I have to enter the Admin's password, just like a Linux user sometimes has to. This is how Windows should be used, it's an educational issue. (Is it correct to assume that the average Windows user's IQ is probably less than the average Linux user's? Controversial and unrelated, perhaps, but it's a just a theory.)

Morons are those who slag Microsoft just because they can. Time to grow up. Windows has its place, and so does Linux. They're tools, both have pros, both have cons, don't get so worked up about it.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 3, Insightful) 132

Considering the bandwidth costs and the fact that (most?) extensions don't make them any money

Of course, extensions generally improve the browser, by providing features the browser doesn't. Firefox is a good example, which would quite likely be forgotten by many of its users if it weren't for it's many good extensions. Quite simply: more extensions, more users, more revenue.

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