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Comment Re:Keyboards no, $750 RAID cards yes (Score 1) 338

Man, I remember Northgate keyboards -- "with the F-keys on the left, where they belong!" That was the original layout of the 84-key XT keyboard, and F-keys-on-the-left gained proponents because of the muscle memory of Lotus 1-2-3 users.

Good keyboards. Good machines. Northgate's last hurrah was some sort of nerfed desktop/laptop aimed at teenagers called the Hip-e. After that flopped (who saw that coming?) they went out of business.

Comment Re:it worries me (Score 5, Informative) 398

No, Obama solved an important problem: as President he needs to look impeccably dressed. But he doesn't want to invest much more time in getting dressed in the morning than throwing on the first thing that comes out of his closet. So what he did is arrange his closet so that the first thing that comes out is one of a few very nice suits. That way he gets the best of both worlds: he can look Presidential without having to fuss over his wardrobe.

Practical, I'd say.

Comment Re:We developers knew this for a long time.. (Score 1) 274

Naughty Dog I can see, as they are a Sony-exclusive developer.

I'd be interested to know who is developing Windows games on Linux. Everything I've read seems to suggest that most game developers consider Visual Studio an unparalleled toolkit (in particular with a debugger that's leagues ahead of Linux), and Direct3D a superior API in terms of performance, hardware feature support and ease of use.

Comment Re:Strange comments ... (Score 1) 375

To be fair, Romero is in a relationship with a grown-up now -- Brenda Braithwaite, who's actually a year older than him and a game designer in her own right. (Both the video kind and the kind involving actual pieces you can pick up.)

It's not like his last two girlfriends -- skanks he found on a game server and spent a lot of money case-modding.

Comment Re:No mention of TV? (Score 1) 396

Who Framed Roger Rabbit almost single-handedly pulled animation out of its 1980s kiddie ghetto. That film's universal appeal made adult animation fans mainstream, and generated studio interest in adult-oriented animation projects like The Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy -- and Batman: TAS (although in the case of that last it was specifically crafted to capitalize on the popularity of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1991) as well).

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