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Comment Re:Of course they should (Score 1) 326

Billionaires are the people who (in general) rose above their competition and found great success. Why wouldn't you want them to control schools? Does it really make more sense to have schools controlled by mediocre individuals?

Yes and they got all their money through hard work. There is no way they did not inherit their wealth, they were always loyal citizens, never broke any rules or crushed their rivals.
It think is enough if they have to deal with Zuckerburg outside school.

Comment Seal of quality? (Score 1) 570

Don't you have any independent seals of quality in the US?
In Europe seals of quality exist, which guarantee that 100% of the donation is transferred to the relief projects. This way you could be sure, that no money is wasted.

Another possibility is to directly donate food or clothes.

Comment Re:Macular degeneration? (Score 1) 46

According to this study, reading requires approximately a field of 3 by 5 degrees. With the retinal implant used (38x40 pixels) a field of view of 11 x 11 degrees was restored.
I do not think that the number of electrodes is the limiting factor. I guess the size of the electrodes and therefore the resolution achieved is really important. Another thing is that the contrast has to be sufficient to be able to detect things.

Comment Re:Wonder how much Apple paid the EU regulators... (Score 5, Informative) 45

Motorola Problems (opposite of Solutions) is a US company. Google is a US company.

Why is the EU even getting involved at all? This has nothing to do with them, other than the fact that some of their lobbyists see Apple dollars and that hamstringing this merger would help keep Apple with the upper hand in this patent polka that all the phone companies are forced to play.

Maybe the EU should look at other things like banks, and their problems.

Google has officially asked the EU regulation commission on its statement to the merger.
Even though the commission could not stop them from merging, there could be serious consequences after the merger in the EU member states.
So it is in Google's best interest, to get an OK by the EU.

Comment Re:And still Linux is badly supported (Score 2) 111

And still Linux version is ancient. 2.something beta that is badly outdated compared to Windows version. Sad... :( I must find something else that I could use instead.

To be honest I like the current skype version of linux more than the newest windows version. I can video chat, call and write messages. My webcam is supported an works well.
Who needs all that facebook connect crap, games, ...

Skype on windows for me definitely crashed more often than on linux.

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