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Comment Re:Forget the trees, the forest is burning. (Score 2) 606

Perhaps the students should pick the school based on, what, I don't know, the quality of the program that they will major in?

What your describing is an idiotic program that results in the creation of poor students. If someone is actually willing to pay for this program, it's their own fault. Your right that just because someone has a degree, that doesn't make them qualified. When I step out of school however, my finely tuned resume will have 4 years in the Air Force as a 2E2 (electronics / computer technician), a 4.0 GPA at a great private school where my max class size in CS has been 17, multiple contributions to open source projects, solid coding skills, research assistant experience, my own apps, and 12 years of working at diverse jobs, many of which were computer fields, all with 0 debt.

Guess what, I shifted my life and made the sacrifices to get where I am. These people going through school don't have to bury themselves in debt over crappy classes. It's their own fault if they screw themselves over.

Comment dumb conclusion (Score 1) 531

This just in, it takes a lot of energy to maintain those speeds. When we invent a new power source that can easily sustain those demands then speed will drastically increase to practical levels once again.

Until then, we're stuck with fossil fuel.

Comment Stupid is as stupid learns (Score 1) 292

Given that it learns, it also picks up stupid information from the masses that taught it.

I just played twenty rounds against this software on advanced and beat it with 8 me, 8 ties, 4 it.

I think it might slowly learn based on a huge amount of rounds, but being a human I got pretty bored with this computer very quickly.

Comment Re:wait and see what is infinging (Score 1) 257

However, a lot of patients are now being rewarded that do show that deep of specifications.

They are more likely to try and patent, "a device that opens a garage door remotely" than, "a radio transmitter than uses *** frequency to connect to a remote receiving unit, which then signals a motor box to open a garage door."

These vague and stupid software patents are giving companies blank checks to cash in against anyone who even comes close to their already invented idea.

There is a limited amount of possible software inventions in our world, just as there are a limited amount of practical designs for wheels. When companies own the practical ideas, nobody else can use them without paying for them, even if the first company didn't actually do jack about it or with it.

All software patients should be dissolved, for the sake of our country and innovation. If we don't keep the momentum going here, we'll be left behind by other countries.


Why Sony Cannot Stop PS3 Pirates 378

Sam writes "A former Ubisoft exec believes that Sony will not be able to combat piracy on the PlayStation 3, which was recently hacked. Martin Walfisz, former CEO of Ubisoft subsidiary Ubisoft Massive, was a key player in developing Ubisoft's new DRM technologies. Since playing pirated games doesn't require a modchip, his argument is that Sony won't be able to easily detect hacked consoles. Sony's only possible solution is to revise the PS3 hardware itself, which would be a very costly process. Changing the hardware could possibly work for new console sales, though there would be the problem of backwards compatibility with the already-released games. Furthermore, current users would still be able to run pirated copies on current hardware." An anonymous reader adds commentary from PS3 hacker Mathieu Hervais about Sony's legal posturing.

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