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Comment Meh (Score 1) 368

4 years in the Air Force after high school provided me with an associates, an awesome resume bonus, and 4 years of schooling where I'm paid about 1000 a month to attend with full tuition and a books stipend.

When all is said and done I'll have spent 7 years being paid to get my bachelors but man it's been a lot of fun.

Comment Duh... (Score 1) 294

Doesn't surprise me at all, though no where on the page did it say you were donating to their party or even the candidate. People don't understand how to find an actual page and then get taken and complain?

As for the "professional opinion" of that professor. He goes on to say his bookkeeper made the donation. So what does that have to do with him if he never accessed the page to donate?

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