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Comment Re:wii is an awesome netflix appliance (Score 2) 255

I have a couple of extra Wii's without working drives that I use (mostly) for netflix streaming. Another advantage over the other consoles is the Wii's power consumption is generally less than 1/10th of the PS3 or Xbox. Even in standby, the PS3 draws over 170 watts vs. about 15 for the Wii. Also, like others have mentioned, it's got one of the better Netflix interfaces, although I like the one on my Vizio TV as well. The Netflix interface on the TiVo Premiere is atrocious.

Comment Re:It's mouths, not technology (Score 1) 938

I agree with this. But it's worse with a cell phone, because the person on the other end is completely unaware of the situation that the driver is in. If I'm talking to someone that is in the car in rush hour traffic on the freeway, and I need to merge into a packed lane, the other person in the car sees that situation and generally the conversation is automatically paused until I'm done changing lanes (unless it's the kids, then I just ignore them for a few seconds). But on a cell phone, the person on the other end is going to keep talking expecting me to listen, and I'll feel obligated to continue the conversation when it would be better to put it on pause. There are lots of situations like this - turning left through traffic, avoiding debris in the road, etc..

Comment Re:You'd think... (Score 1) 448

"THC stays in the body much longer, with varying effect."
No it doesn't.. It is metabolized within a few hours. Non psychoactive metabolites are detectable for days/weeks, but a couple of hours after smoking pot you're more back to normal than a couple of hours after drinking alcohol.

"Some people report "flashback" highs, days or weeks later after using the drug."
No, you're misinformed.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 121

My kids have been playing Roblox for over three years now, they still play it excessively. Everyone here is still all giddy about Minecraft, and they play that too, but Roblox is more fun. It just doesn't have the geek 'buzz' that Minecraft has. But the possibilities in Roblox are so much greater than Minecraft. You could implement Minecraft in Roblox, but not the other way around...

Comment Re:Minecraft. (Score 1) 121

Same experience here, my 9 and 12 year olds lost interest in Lego Universe in a short time. By contrast, ROBLOX has maintaned their interest for years, although Minecraft gets about equal time these days. Lego Universe was too tightly controlled, not free form enough. ROBLOX has improved considerably in the last year, and it lets them do anything from simple local building to playing online in user-created games to learning how to code in LUA to script their own block behaviors.

Comment Re:This is just scary (Score 1) 800

I don't think this is as evil as it sounds. Your voice is not exactly a secret, and someone having a voiceprint of your specific voice is like knowing the hash of your password. They would be able to identify you but not impersonate you. Nearly all of the information is thrown away, only a relatively small set of parameters needed to distinguish your speech from someone else's is stored. Saying that they'll be able to synthesize your voice using information stored in a voiceprint is fantasy.

Comment Re:That's it. (Score 1) 658

Border Patrol already does this in the Southwest. If you drive through New Mexico, Arizona on I-10 or on to California on I-8, there's a good chance you will be subjected to a checkpoint. The vast majority of arrests at these checkpoints are people with a small amount of pot who never thought they would be searched with no probable cause driving on a US interstate. All it takes is one of their dogs alerting on your car.

Comment Re:Why it doesn't matter (Score 2, Informative) 232

No. They don't take coins, so it doesn't really matter what they charge. You have to pay with a card. Incidentally, we've found they're great on multi-day road trips with the kids, you can pick up a movie at a RedBox when you stop for lunch, the kids can watch it, and you can return it the next day 800 miles from where you rented it.

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