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Comment Re:Motivation (Score 1) 334

It's not that it's an unfree market, it's more of a natural monopoly. Free market is not the solution to all problems. You are free to write and promote a new OS and take over the market but you won't because it's hard. Antitrust law is fundamentally anti-free-market so you obviously understand that market freedom has to be limited because of the human nature to take advantage of freedom. Leveraging antitrust law on MS is not a bad idea but it is of course a lot more complicated than that. I'm not sure about your proposed result but I suppose it could be possible. Alternatively, if software patents weren't such a problem maybe ReactOS would become a reality faster and implement some of the changes you wish for as a real competitor.

Comment Re:Getting these all over the place (Score 1) 334

Hopefully you are licensing it properly because the free license does not seem to cover using it in the way you are describing.

"1. Not to use this software for commercial use without proper licensing."

You should consider donating to the combofix developers as well if it's benefiting your company so much.

Comment Re:Do you really need color? (Score 1) 557

I sometimes try to convince people of this but most are blinded by the draw of new technology. Color laser used to be reserved for the rich but now anyone can afford it and just having it makes them feel better. A lot of tech purchases are due to an effect like this. The emotional component should not be discounted; the choice is more than a logical one.

Comment Re:No, we can't recommend anything (Score 1) 557

Plus the prices of laser printers are nowhere near what they were 15 years ago. That $2000 (i don't remember what they cost back then but it was at least that much) monochrome laser from 15 years ago can be replaced by a $150 model today. If it lasts 2 years that's still an amortized net gain. 'Good enough' is the new standard; deal with it.

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