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Comment Re:Keep your hands off my email! (Score 1) 408

I'll ignore Google+, and I'll be pissed off if Google decides to automatically add it to Gmail.

It will happen. Just as Gmail got linked to YouTube accounts, and unless you use two browsers (or turn off cookies) it will be linked to your Google searches as well.

Google have some nice services and one login to tie them together makes it easy to use, but keep in mind that Google's main income is from advertising and data mining.

Comment Re:Just imagine .... (Score 1) 290

It doesn't follow that fitting ~300k 6502 cores onto the Sandy Bridge equals the same in processing power, only that they could fit onto it.

Additionally you should also consider the clock cycles of instructions as there have been significant improvements (as well as "special" sets like SSE) which also increase the computing power.

Comment Re:Tabula Rasa was not really that different (Score 1) 328

All MMOs are grinds, but some still manage to be different from WoW (like Tabula Rasa and Ryzom) and be great games on their own. They often do this by having a great (roleplay) community and/or focus on story development, the clones rarely get that they need more than just a copy of the mechanics.

Comment Pro tip (Score 1) 172

Pro tip to Slashdot users: Stuff one of the SJ figurines down the front of your pants* and even you can obtain a girl- or boyfriend.

* Please note that prolonged exposure can result in: Expensive cloth and hardware habits, occasional cravings for grilled shoes with squid dressing, becoming a sex symbol and/or growing a beard.

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