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Comment Re:It's different (Score 3, Interesting) 249

Driving a car in a videogame and driving a car in real life are very different, but the actual *racing* part is pretty similar. Controlling the car is important, but it's not what wins races. Racing is all about knowing the lines and racing techniques, and a video game can definitely teach you that.

I think, at least to an extent, it helps with actual driving too. I've sunk at least a hundred hours into every GT game since GT1 (before I even had a learner's permit). On three occasions I've had to make emergency reactions while driving in real life where - I don't know quite how to put it into words - everything just felt smooth and practiced.

Two things especially, scaling reaction to speed of travel and turning into a fishtail, are things that I think feel natural from all the time in GT. I just fortunately haven't had many "practice" opportunities in real life, so I figure I must have learned from the games.

I use a wheel & pedals instead of a controller, too, which maybe helps the simulation value.

Comment Re:Comments (Score 5, Interesting) 383

Except by every means, The Daily Show covers more news than the typical mouth-breathing news casters, and does so in a funny way. They don't lie, make shit up, or spend thirty minutes covering Madonna's booger incident via twitter: they show news footage, give a quick 60 second real news blurb, then make a joke.

Totally agree. The Daily Show makes news entertaining. Fox makes entertaining news.

Comment Re:Have NAS, will save (Score 1) 299

Why is it the companies responsibility to keep your records for you?

A financial institution has the know-how and resources to maintain secure records in multiple copies at different geographical locations. A majority of that institution's customers do not. Although you clearly have it far more together than most, it sounds like if your house goes up in flames you still might be calling up banks for records.

If nothing else, it's good customer service.

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