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Comment We get it. Lots of books. You must be smart. (Score 1) 230

Yeah, geeks tend to measure their intelligence by how many books they own.

"if I decide to lend one"

I take that to mean you aren't already loaning them. I suspect you'll find you won't be loaning many, because who's going to look at your collection when they could look at the library, or since you'll have things potentially interesting to geeks, they'll be looking to buy their own so they can increase their apparent intelligence. Mostly, though, you're the only one who cares about your collection of books. Don't try to one-up your geeky friends in this very personal thing. They won't like it.

So, keep it simple. A pad of paper, in case you loan any. Because you won't be loaning many.

Comment Re:Witch-hunt (Score 1) 212

Nothing is really known about


and so the only reason they have to shut it down is because it's a 'successor' to megaupload

Doesn't that say quite a bit about it? See, quite a bit is known about

and they have a vendetta against Kim Dotcom.

Because the only way anyone would object to megaupload is if they don't like Kim Dotcom? Seriously?

Grow up.

Comment start over (Score 1) 242

Rather than evaluating it as a cabling problem, evaluate it as too much equipment for the task. Why do you have all this stuff?

What are all your external drives for? Why are they external? Do they all need to be connected all the time? Could they be replaced with fewer, larger drives? Could they be mounted internally? Would a new case help?

Are all those monitors actually helpful, or are they just cool? Would fewer, larger monitors be more useful? Could remote desktop be used to eliminate some of them?

What;s the second machine for? Is it doing something useful or is it a "file server" or some other excuse to keep obsolete equipment around?

Do you really need a network switch in addition to a router?

USB hubs? Plural? What for?

Comment Re:That's 10x the budget of all of those "films" (Score 1) 339

A 90% reduction is a payable amount for someone of the middle class. It might take garnishing wages and years of payments, but $150,000 is a payable amount. $1.5M probably is not.

Does the winner of a suit like this have the option of seeking a lower award? It'd seem to be advantageous to ask for a payable amount.

Comment lie only if it's your usual way of doing things (Score 1) 550

I have a lifetime better-than-50% rate of turning interviews into job offers, and I don't lie in interviews. Maybe my success rate is *because* I present myself plausibly. I know on the other side of the table the only hiree I've been delighted with as a co-worker is someone who was modest and honest in the interview.

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