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Comment sifting through live shows (Score 0) 758

I was looking at my 2TB drive wondering where to start with that mess, let alone my 1TB with just Live Dead and Phish shows..

Why would you need to worry about the Dead and Phish stuff? It's all legally tradeable unless you were dl'ing ripped Dick's Pick and stuff from Phish Dry Goods!

The way to verify the shows would be: checking that the show folders and files conform to Etree naming standards, the presence of the info text file and MD5 checksum file or searching the Etree database or for that show source. To date, the only downloads that I have seen that don't meet those criteria are the Grateful Dead complete SBD download torrents by year. If it was a case of getting stuff that was ripped from someone's collection, you can do individual file comparisons against known sources to determine which source a show probably came from, track times are usually a giveaway since it's rare that different sources get cut at the same place...

The most efficient model for consistent music distribution has been the one used by Each live show source was transferred, encoded and seeded with the MD5's generated at the time of encoding, earliest shows were done in SHN and later it was shifted to FLAC. A new show source was considered the equivalent of a Gold Master Disc and it was entered in a database at All subsequent copies of the SHN's and FLAC's were expected to check against those MD5's and if they failed they were considered bad and discarded so that they wouldn't get seeded in the future. It didn't matter what transport method was used for transferring the files, all that counted was that the files were bit perfect copies of the originals.

For example, here is a show I transferred and seeded in 2000

If you were to obtain a copy of those SHN files today, and you verified the MD5's, you know you have an exact copy of the files as they were encoded A DECADE AGO. Now if I were to transfer the master cd's again and encode it, the MD5's would not match, no matter how paranoid an attempt at DAE was made (this was proven back then for all digital transfers INCLUDING DAT>WAV) If you looked across the different formats available, even after 10 years there are still only 4 unique variants in the wild in spite of the show being copied by more than 5000 people. Those 4 variants are only a single format conversion removed from the initial transfer in 2000.

But this was a system that was conceived to preserve the audit trail and file integrity. The issue of legality was not a problem since the bands have given permission to allow for taping and trading of their shows.

Comment Bullshit!!! (Score 1) 339

Owning a smart phone with a data plan isn't a human right. Don't want to pay that much for the data plan? Don't. Live without it. Billions do it every day.

BULLSHIT!!!! Try slapping an AT&T SIM into an unlocked smartphone and see what happens. I guarantee that within 10 minutes of connecting to a BTS, you WILL get a text saying that an unwanted data plan has been added to your account. It doesn't matter if the phone is configured for data or not, as soon as an IMEI shows up that matches a qualifying smartphone, they are going to slam you into a data plan.

You then have to wait until the end of the billing cycle and contest this with customer service to have the unwarranted charges removed from your bill. Even if you request that data NEVER get added to your bill, eventually it will happen again!

Comment pffft... laptop. (Score 2) 789

You can't have sex on a laptop... my $500 table wins!!! You can't play beer pong on a laptop.... again, table wins!!! You can't put 10 laptops on your laptop... Another win for the table!!! You can't have sex, while playing beer pong and using your laptop on a laptop... Tables rule!!!

Comment The painful memory of the last integration project (Score 1) 748

The Cingular/AT&T Integration project was a fucking disaster on many levels. I can only speak about what happened in the Northeast Market from the perspective of a subcontractor. It was like watching a blind monkey trying to hump a greased up basketball! The integration project consisted of taking the Blue sites (AT&T) and the Orange sites (Cingular) and merging them into what they dubbed Gold sites. It's doubtful that they'll go through the added trouble of trying to migrate the Pink sites (T-Mobile) into the Gold. The only places they could do that would be BTS sites that actually have shelters or are indoors. The standalone Tyco cabinets do not have enough room for the T-mobile radio equipment. Plus it would necessitate recabling all the T1's feeding the radios to the new combined sites. All the Gold sites should have been cabled with 25 pair, enough capacity for 12 T1's. What's truly sad was the fact that a majority of the necessary Outside Plant work needed for network expansion was done in 2006, enough to allow for 400% network growth to both the GSM and UMTS side. All that needed to be done was run the patch cabling to any added Nokia or Ericsson equipment at the BTS'es and make the necessary additions in the switches. 5 years later and most of that hasn't been done yet. AT&T sure isn't buying T-Mo for towers.... T-mo is mostly setup on co-located sites and doesn't have many of their own.

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