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Comment Re:English... (Score 1) 199

Well he was born with congenital absence of the fibula in both legs. His unamputated self wouldn't be much of a runner. So you'd have to compare his blades to what his legs would be like with different DNA. So you might was well compare them to legs in general, which is (probably) what they have done.


Submission + - FBI: How to be a crypto expert (

coondoggie writes: "Breaking written codes is seemingly a black art whose history dates back as long as people could write and wanted to keep secrets. In the age of supercomputers and all manner of advanced technologies it's hard to imagine much cryptography expertise is still needed. The FBI would tell you differently. According to the FBI criminals who use cryptography-codes, ciphers, and concealed messages-are abundant. "Terrorists, gang members, inmates, drug dealers, violent lone offenders, and organized crime groups involved in gambling and prostitution use letters, numbers, symbols, and even invisible ink to encode messages in an attempt to hide illegal activity," the FBI stated."

Comment trim/discard (Score 2) 491

At a guess this is caused by mounting with the discard option, or trim as its called in Windows. It tells the drive you don't need the data stored where a deleted file used to be.

Maybe it's still there if you look with a microscope but who really does that?

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