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Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 644

I just bought an Asus(X59GL) with windows, I would've much preferred to buy one with Linux but it was actually 80GBP cheaper with the windows tax, I guess that I'll spend "ethically" when I've got more money.

Comment Re:Technicalities. (Score 1) 502

You're right that I should've gathered more from the context, but in an article about neanderthals I was thinking in "evolutionary" time, so not quite geological time, but it would still consider 500 years fairly recent. And the thought of anyone being alive now who knew someone who thought that black people were a different species is a slightly shocking thought for me.

Comment Re:creationism/evolution (Score 1) 391

the baptists, have been around since before there was "christianity" much less catholicism, right?

In my understanding Christianity began within Christ's lifetime, and that it was both "catholic"(universal) and "orthodox"(true), it was only centuries later that disagreements between Christian groups led to such distinctions..

They're not considered to be protestant either, just baptist.

My holy book says differently.

Comment Re:I prefer (Score 1) 210

If you read Asimov's book you will find out that the zero-law was added later.

zeroth ;)

You wouldn't call the others the one-law the two-law and the three-law, would you?

But enough with the pedantry!

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