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Comment moon rock? Prove it (Score 1) 132

"Wanna see my moon rock? take a look at that!"
"What do you mean it looks like a piece of gravel from the driveway?"
"Where did i get it? off ebay, why?"

end scene:
So the whole point of having a moon rock is showing it off, like a diamond. The act of proving it's a moon rock (e.g. sending it to a lab for testing) would probably end with it being confiscated from you. If you can't prove it's a moon rock, it might as well be any old piece of gravel, of which we have trillions right hear on earth.

Comment It's CGI, just add your own measurements (Score 1) 471

Isn't this much better than a static photo of a real model that meets their ideal measurements? After all, if they CAN find a live female model to meet their ideals, then they aren't "unrealistic".

Surely, if there is enough backlash against "perfect" women, then they'll just add the option to input whatever measurements you like and re-render.

Comment Re:Remember (Score 2) 631

I'm guessing that the vast majority of the people who live in the area are unaware of the existence of the range.

Sure, except for all those unexplained, window shaking explosions they keep hearing every once and a while

People don't go outside as much as they used to, but nobody is that unaware of what is within a half mile of their home. Otherwise, how do you explain NIMBY?

Comment Re:Singled out = discrimination (Score 1) 448

Not saying it makes a lot of sense, but it's the law.

'Cause otherwise, we might as well institute this at the Federal level. Everyone must conform to the Federal way of speaking, which should be standardized as Washington DC/Mid-Atlantic accent. This is the accent of most mass market, national media, as well as the accent of our seat of government.

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