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Comment Re:Math is hard (Score 1) 284

In my mind STEM is the next level of basic education after the three "R's". My solicitor has a BSc, therefore I can assume he has a good general knowledge of how the world around him woks. There's more to life than STEM but it's important because it makes it possible for others to spend more time creating the art that feeds our soul and keeps us entertained. More than ever before we live in a world where everyone is a specialist, people often see this as a "bad thing" but to me it just demonstrates that past STEM practitioners have given us much more useful knowledge than can possibly fit inside a single human head.

Comment Re:Human Arrogance (Score 1) 111

The only "arrogance" I am sick of is the arrogance of secularists who think human beings can somehow affect the weather.

Ever heard of "black rain", it falls from a type of manmade wether called "mushroom clouds". We have enough mushroom cloud machines to create a whole new season called "nuclear winter". Heating up the entire atmosphere/ocean system takes a bit longer but it's doable, in fact we have already pushed it up by a degree or two without really trying.

Comment Re:Now, for the other angle, is this treason? (Score 3, Interesting) 367

It is NEVER treason to expose government wrongdoing or unconstitutional behavior. It is NEVER treason to expose government coverups or lies. It is NEVER treason to disclose programmes that should have had proper congressional or public oversight but didn't. Everything so far disclosed has fallen into the above categories. If ever disclosing one of these wrongdoings or unconstitutional behaviors or coverups has put an operative or operation in jeopardy - then the blame rests solely on the shoulders of whoever perpetrated that cover up. Otherwise, any wrongdoing could be hushed up simply by entangling it with something else.

At least, that's my view as a Snowden and Manning supporter

Comment Re:Pseudoscience debunked? (Score 1) 374

Science is never about human experience

Poppycock, if people do not agree about what has been observed (ie: perceived by their brain) then science cannot exist. Science is a philosophy the has as it's foundation the assumption the "real world" not only exists but looks and behaves the same to all individuals. I think what you meant to say is that science is never about personal experience, having a guardian angle is not an experience other scientists can share, however how such apparitions form and take root in the human mind is certainly a valid field of scientific study, crazy ideas and flawed methods didn't stop the study of physics, chemistry, medicine, etc, so I don't see why it should stop the study of phycology.

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 2) 555

If your child is not 'with it' enough to recognize the fact swallowing inedible objects is really really stupid and dangerous then they need constant supervision at all times.

ALL small children will put anything they find in their mouth, it's a hard wired instinctive behaviour that's starts as soon as they are born and is mostly gone by time they hit school. Very young babies spend most of their waking hours staring at their hands and punching themselves in the face in an attempt to figure out how to use their arms to get stuff into their face. And yes, you do have to keep an eye on them 24x7.

I cannot agree with the court. The were clearly marked not for children, the labels are aimed at the parents who buy them, not the kids that swallow them. If the problem is common then it probably indicates a low awareness of the hazard by parents so perhaps I can agree with withdrawing them from stores. However the product is in no way "defective" so I certainly don't agree the company (let alone the CEO personally) should be liable for the cost of recalling stock that was bought and sold legally and in good faith. To me that smacks of retrospective punishment.

Comment Re:But but (Score 2) 156

That must be why anyone expressing skepticism towards global warming/climate change is labelled a "denier. Might as well be truthful and call them "heretic".".

I know I shouldn't feed the climate trolls, but here are some obvious facts
All climate scientists are skeptics.
Not all skeptics are climate scientists.
There are many politically powerful pseudo-skeptics in the field (AKA deniers) who deliberately misinform via various front groups and no-think tanks.
The only way to find the "truth" in all this is to stop talking in hyperbole and start studying the science of climate. Personally I've had an interest in the subject for almost 30yrs, very interesting stuff. It's based on the "hard sciences" and is an excellent example of how "the big picture" of Science has practically rewritten our understanding of our planet in my own lifetime. I was literally born before the term Earth sciences was coined.

Comment Re:Well, here (Score 1) 156

Agree, plagiarism is a type of fraud so it might reflect badly on the person depending on how rigidly one defines the principle of "fraud", it is not criminal fraud. Also many people here are software developers, sure we can write code from scratch but if you do it for a living it's basically our job to plagiarise code from each other.

Full disclosure: About 45yrs ago I reworded the Beatle's "Eleanor Rigby" for a high school poetry assignment, my teacher was so impressed she wrote "has a talent for poetry" on my final report card. ;)

Comment Re:Come on, you jackbooted apologists... (Score 1) 213

You have a right to use a road but you need a license to drive a vehicle on it. In other words, driving is a privilege, using a public road is a right. There are limits on how you can use the road as a non driver which generally start when you infringe on other people's rights to a safe journey or when the activity is unreasonably detrimental to the road.

Comment Re:Come on, you jackbooted apologists... (Score 1) 213

If all parties agree, an iron clad contract can be altered or shredded, same deal with the constitution. If this were not the case, if for some reason the constitution was 'read only' you wouldn't have all those amendments such as free speech. Aside from that, anyone who genuinely believes the perfect constitution can even be written is a barking mad authoritarian with zero imagination.

Comment Re:Amended quote (Score 1) 743

became a friend of the Republicans (a lot of good it did him).

I think Obama (naively) believed that congress was staffed by reasonable people who wanted to work together for the betterment of society. He "reached across the isle", they took one step back and he fell flat on his face in the middle. Neither side has rushed to help him to his feet.

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