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Comment Re:Price (Score 1) 267

I think this is totally wrong... you have to think like a manager or executive to understand their market. Until laptops were commiditized (sp) the Thinkpad had a certain caché that said "I am busy and important, don't f with me". Now that technical focus is on phones an executive has few options. Iphones are nice but the guy serving him latte with an earring in his nose has one, + the Apple tie ins and consumerism make the phone feel like a toy. The Samsung is nice, but his gamer nephew and the smelly guys down in IT have them.
Which leaves us with the Blackberry, but with it's tiny screen and dated interface it looks like a fancy pager. The new BB addresses that. You can compare specs all you want but specs aren't the reason someone picks a BMW over a mustang.

Comment Re:prices (Score 1) 170

Hardly a woosh- the intent of the OP was to convert Euro directly into USD, not to speculate on what the cost would actually be. I thought the following poster's comment was useless with out an explanation of why he thought the costs were higher.... so woosh on your woosh!

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