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Submission + - Aussie Student Responsible For Twitter Exploit

bennyboy64 writes: An Australian teen has caused havoc on Twitter by discovering an exploit that hit thousands of users, including Barack Obama's press secretary, and resulted in the tweets of a former British PM's wife linking to hardcore porn, The Sydney Morning Herald reports. Pearce Delphin, who is studying his last year at high school, said that he was surprised that "so many famous people got infected".

Submission + - AU Government Backs Away From Web Snooping Plans

bennyboy64 writes: The Australian Government has moved to distance itself from its controversial web snooping plans during the election campaign and the decision to hide details from the public. Australia's Attorney-General Robert McClelland yesterday defended his department censoring about 90 per cent of a secret government document, obtained under freedom of information (FoI) laws, outlining plans to snoop on Australians' web surfing.

Submission + - Aussie Lasers Stop Satellite Collisions, Death (zdnet.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: An Australian company is developing a laser tracking system that will help prevent collisions between satellites and space debris, ZDNet reports . 'The trouble is it's [debris] in orbit and travelling at orbital speeds, which means that it is travelling at about 30,000 kilometres an hour," said the CEO of the Australian company. 'If even a tiny little piece runs into a satellite it'll destroy it or punch a hole through a person if they're out there space walking.'

Submission + - Video Of A Human Microship Implant In Four Minutes (zdnet.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: A 28-year-old West Australian IT professional is one of the latest to have a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip implanted in their hand, ZDNet reports. A four minute video on ZDNet of the chip being implanted might make you queezy, but sure is an interesting watch. How long before everyone starts doing this? In the article, the gentleman says his daughter (who is 8) would be given a key fob for now. Apparently she wants an implant too, but her father won't allow it.

Submission + - US Shows Interest In Zombie Quarantine Code (zdnet.com.au) 1

bennyboy64 writes: Barack Obama's cyber-security coordinator has shown interest in an e-security code of practice developed in Australia that aims to quarantine internet users infected by malware, also known as zombie computers. He reportedly said it would be a useful role model for the US to adopt. One suggestion within the code is to put infected users into a 'walled garden', which limits internet access to prevent further security problems until quarantined. Another is to throttle the speed of an infected users' internet connection until their computer fixed. The code is also being considered by other Asia-Pacific countries, ZDNet reports.

Submission + - Inside Australia's Data Retention Proposal (zdnet.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: New details have emerged on Australia's attempt at getting a data retention regime into place, with meeting notes taken by industry showing exactly what has been proposed. In a nutshell, the Australian Government wants internet service providers to keep anything and everything they have the ability to log and retain for two years 'at this stage'.

Submission + - Lazy Admins Stay On IE6 To Block Facebook (zdnet.com.au) 1

bennyboy64 writes: Businesses that want to block access to social networking sites such as Facebook are not upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE), according to Microsoft's Australian chief security adviser Stuart Strathdee, ZDNet reports. '[Companies are] happy to stay with IE6 because ... a lot of the social networking sites and the sites that they deem are unnecessary for work purposes, they're not going to render and function properly within [older versions of] IE,' Strathdee said. Are there any IT admins out there harassing IE6 for this purpose?

Submission + - Oz Firm To Offer Android-based iPad Rival (zdnet.com.au) 1

bennyboy64 writes: On the eve of the launch of the Apple iPad internationally, Australian PC manufacturer Pioneer has revealed plans to launch an Android-based competitor, reports ZDNet. Pioneer issued a release this week stating it would launch its DreamBook ePad 7. The company has billed the tablet as 'a revolutionary iPad-style mobile computer' at the Computex trade fair in Taiwan, which runs from the 1 to 5 June.

Submission + - Google Wi-Fi Spy Was Deliberate, Says AU Minister (zdnet.com.au)

bennyboy64 writes: Australia's Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has accused Google of deliberately collecting payload data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks. 'Google have admitted to doing this and claim it was a mistake in the software code, meaning that it was actually quite deliberate, the code was collecting it," Conroy said in Parliament. The minsiter has been waging war on Google ever since it opposed his plans to censor the internet.

Submission + - IBM Security Conference USB Infected With Malware

bennyboy64 writes: IBM has sent out an email to all attendees to the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) 2010 conference this afternoon, warning them that some of the USB drives handed out to delegates contained malware. Telecommunications company Telstra distributed malware-infected USB drives at the conference in 2008. It appears history has repeated itself.

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