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Comment Mock Up? (Score 1) 612

There's no way, even if it flat-spinned in, that it landed intact (unless it has some sort of parachute recovery system). Also, (I'd like to think that) there's no way that they could take over the control system.

Comment One word: TFX (Score 1) 509

OK, two words (since the program doesn't seem to be written about much): F-111.

That was the same kind of concept -- one plane that could play multiple roles -- but it didn't work out in the end since so many requirements went against each other. You'd think they'd learn from history, but I guess the concept is just too appealing.

Comment Real problem with the minimum wage (Score 1) 990

The real problem with the minimum wage is that it drives up the cost of labor and encourages people and companies to develop these kinds of inventions. It's not a coincidence that McDonald's has started introducing more automation as well-intentioned, but economics-challenged, legislators have raised the minimum wage nationwide. Obamacare also isn't going to make things any better for low-skilled workers.

Comment Re:Pretty Terrible Story (Score 5, Insightful) 430

What really bothers me is that the laypeople get it and are trying to do the appropriate thing, but when they run things up the chain the guys up there clearly STILL don't get it. I don't know if it's arrogance or ignorance or what (but the Opus Dei reference makes me wonder about lingering old-school arrogance).

Comment Pretty Terrible Story (Score 5, Informative) 430

The parishoners knew for months, if not years, that something strange was going on, but the diocese refused to do anything. There's a letter out there that the principle sent to the Bishop that's quite damning (and that the bishop supposedly never even read).

The church still doesn't appear to be taking this stuff seriously and parents should be concerned.

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