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Journal Journal: Best ID discussion I've seen so far

Just thought I'd leave myself a note about a very well articulated discussion about ID. Samjam and "|/|/|||" had one of the most rational arguments I've ever seen on Slashdot. Wish I had mod points.

Samjam: I'm sorry your words are wasted on a lot of people here, solely because you appear to be pro-ID and that'll get you ignored at best.

"|/|/|||": You're in the majority here, no sympathy for you! :) But thanks for your posts.

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Journal Journal: It's been 10 years... I guess a deer collision was due 4

Nothing too fantastic - I've been driving for a while and have been exceptionally lucky for the amount of driving I've done. Only have run over one small animal, avoided several others.

But I managed to nail a deer tonight, head on.

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Journal Journal: For posterity

Got on the meme train and tried the latest popular test:

eXpressive: 1/10 * This MAY be something to work on. Maybe.
Practical: 5/10
Physical: 7/10
Giver: 4/10

You are a RPYT--Reserved Practical Physical Taker. This makes you a Stoic.

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Journal Journal: Minimally biased sites with useful information

Just a quick question for ya'll - does anyone visit web sites with a minimal amount of bias? And has decent amount of information?

I'm just getting a little sick of trying to find information but only getting one side of the story. I was looking up some drug information online and found a number of websites listing plain facts - perfect, exactly what I want.

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Journal Journal: Changing a losing game 1

I was on a nostalgia trip a few days back and ended up reading a few months worth of journals from 2001. Nothing really noteable except one phrase a good friend told me - always change a losing game.

Much like everyone else, I've gone through my rough patches. While the past 9 months could have been worse, there've been several 'opportunities' (I'll try being positive about them) for personal growth that I never did anything about.

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Journal Journal: Geek Assistance Requested

Nothing too strenuous, mostly a call for vague comments/tips about an Apache problem I have.

A few months back I decided I wanted to launch a sort of Slashdot-esque news and resources for teachers website. Mostly just to scratch an itch of my own, I decided to use Slash.

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Journal Journal: Quick! Talk me out of walking up the CN Tower! 3

I haven't done anything requiring 'sponsoring' for about 10 years now but I think this will be pretty cool.

The World Wildlife Foundation does a yearly "Climb the CN Tower" event and some friends of mine encouraged me to join. I have to admit, I joined for a very selfish reason - how many people can say they climbed the CN Tower? 1,776 steps.

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Journal Journal: Teachers College

Alternate title: When rejection is good news.

I applied to several Teachers Colleges in Ontario last December and got all my notices today - all rejections. With average-ish grades and below-average experience, there was a slim chance of finding a spot. Especially when the demand for teachers is going up but no (ok, ONE) Teachers Colleges being built or expanded in Ontario. Very competitive.

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Journal Journal: Decision Time

While the last journal was only written about 2 hours ago, I've been struggling with this decision for the past 24 hours.

The argument I've settled to decide is a pretty simple one now - with all the demands on my time, can I do a decent job? I know a few people who can do 50 hour weeks in their sleep but I am definately not one of them.

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Journal Journal: Dilemma - no, not that song

So this week has been a little busier than most.

A) I picked up a part-time job a couple weeks ago with a former employer ("old job"), just to save up a little more cash for Teachers College.

B) On a whim, I applied for a part-time teaching job. On monday my resume went in, tuesday we arranged an interview, wednesday was the interview and thursday the job was offered to me (starting this monday).

C) I'm still a TA for my Introduction to Computers class.

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Journal Journal: Ghosts in the closet

Unless you've just come by for the first time, you probably know I'm aiming to be a teacher. And that I'm more invested in this goal ("Oooo, teaching!") than my programming stint. ("Hey, got nothing better to do and the degree says I can do it")

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Journal Journal: Yikes, they really sneak up on ya don't they? 2

After JD's two-week old post in my journal (so much for that web message for journal replies) covering some of his expertise/experience teaching, I thought I'd just leave an option question for anyone who runs across this.

Even if you're not a teacher, EVERYONE has taught someone something. If you've seen Patch Adams (Great Robin Williams movie), you likely remember the interesting defense he used - every patient he treated had cared for someone else, so they were doctors too.


Journal Journal: My recent MetaMoment(tm)

As the hordes of people who read this journal probably know (maybe not, glossed over this a bit) I'm discovering that I'm really into teaching. Programming didn't do it for me and tonight I had a BIG moment where my life kind of took shape.

I love working with technology. First computer I touched was a C64 around grade 3 (7 years old or so) - my cousin had one and my babysitter had one. I *loved* typing in PLAY and LOAD to start the games.

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Journal Journal: Insert your own witty subject here 1

You know, I really have to stop wearing jeans and dark t-shirts when they forecast 29C for the day.

I'll write more about the background of this sometime - maybe - but I'm in the middle of a career change. Half-heartedly tried the programming thing (everyone else was doing it) having no better idea at the time. Now I've decided my new love in life will be teaching.

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