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Comment Re:and they know? (Score 1) 266

I had the same question -- how much is natural leeching? have any of these traces been tracked back to sources?

I'd think lead from bullets (if any) would drain more northward, given where most of the shootin' wars were fought.

Where I used to live, the ground was more-than-average radioactive. Blame got pointed at the air force base, but... no. Truth is, the area is lousy with uranium deposits.

Comment Re:Romans (Score 1) 266

Try TIX solder for electronics. Not sure how much lead is in it (it's partly silver and iridium) but it's easier to manipulate, melts at a lower temp, and becomes very hard but not brittle. (I used to work for the outfit that made it.)

Comment The article refers to an article with pictures (Score 3, Informative) 205

The article quoted above points to a paper that has some diagrams that shows how water would go through a branch -- no hoax here.

In brief, find a stalk of sappy wood -- my Dad showed us every spring how to make a whistle out of alder branches that look what the picture shows -- peel it, whittle it to size and then plug it into the end of a tube and gravity feed water through it.


Comment Respect (Score 1) 144

There's a new one for your nightmares.

Drowning in a thin-sheet of zero gravity water that slowly crawls over your head and face, that you cannot wipe away because you're wearing a space suit, that you cannot take off, because you are floating in space.

It's like something from fear factor. Imagine getting into a coffin with a window over your face, and you cannot move your arms/legs. And then you realize the coffin is full of tarantulas... because you feel them crawling up your body towards your face....

This guy keeping his cool is an excellent testament to the training they do back on the ground.

Reminds me of this article:

Comment Hey (Score 5, Interesting) 53

We spent NINETEEN BILLION DOLLARS on a chat program.

We spent the GDP of Macedonia on a chat program.

We're Facebook. We're a chat program company, and we spent the price of a brand new aircraft carrier on a chat program with enough left over to buy every man, woman and child in America a pizza with everything.

Short Facebook.

Open Source

Video 'Write the Docs' is a Conference for People Who Write Software Docs (Video) 24

There is this guy, Eric Holscher, who has been doing FOSS development for quite a while. He's been on GitHub since 2008, and got involved in Gittip not long after it started in 2012. Not long after that, Eric started thinking about how open source software developers have all kinds of conferences and have many communities they can join and learn from each other, while those who write documentation, especially for FOSS, typically work all alone in a vacuum.

So why not have a conference for documentation writers (and developers who want to hook up with writers who can help them make high-quality docs)? Don't limit it to FOSS, but make sure that's the emphasis. Call the conference 'Write the Docs' and have the first conference in Portland, Oregon, in 2013. Which is exactly what Eric did. A year later, a second 'Write the Docs' conference is scheduled in Budapest (Hungary) at the end of March, and the next Portland conference is set for May 5.

Comment Evil (Score 0) 146

Supremely selfish and cruel thing to do without even the remotest understanding of the potential consequences.

What if this leaves the child diseased or crippled with some kind of birth defect? Or that child's children?

Experimenting on human beings who have no say in the procedure in order to satisfy some ambitious ego is nothing more than an expression of pure evil.

(Yes I realize this is high blasphemy against the holy church of science and that it will be modded -1 "Heathen" I don't care. It needs to be said)

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