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Comment Re:True (Score 2) 247

No, but he's trying to put the good PR spin on things.

How about this one to start.,0,2533850.story#axzz2jXU69lfS

Basically, he does humanitarian work to the locals, but is a large stake holder in the factories that are making the locals sick. Because he's "helping" them, he's the good guy. Because he's only a large stake holder in the factory, he's not the bad guy. He brings in more money from the factory than he puts out to help the locals.

Profit/Loss. If you bring in $100M, and you pay out $20M, and look like the good guy, you're doing it right, as it's still an $80M profit. Since you're dumping the $20M in to "help" the people, the locals won't complain.

If he had more loss than profit, he would simply cut ties to both sides. It's not worth it.

Submission + - How do I insure a consumer RAID array lasts a long time? 4

olddoc writes: I am a home user and I back up all my digital pictures, home movies and several computer install images. This requires a few terabytes.
I look for 5 year warranty HDDs but I wonder if I should use motherboard chipset RAID, Windows software RAID, a stand alone box or a major vendor's (LSI, Adaptec) add-on card? In the past I have had a disk in a motherboard RAID5 array fail and I kept the system off until I installed a replacement drive and it worked like a charm with no data lost. How would /. users set up 4-10TB of storage that they could move on to the next system down the line? Would an LSI RAID array be supported or readable 5 years from now if the card died? Software RAID seems like a good solution since if a mobo fails the array will be easy to move. I also have a 4TB drive in a bank safe deposit box and I keep buying SD cards and saving them after a year or a major vacation.

Comment Re:Hey Bill? (Score 0) 247

They're generally paid much more than "permanent" employees.

That's absolute pure fragrant BULLshit. Microsoft itself has admitted this fact under oath.

Regardless, if you can't cut it for whatever reason, then find another line of work.

If they can't cut it, then why did Microsoft hire them?

There's no comparison between a IT contractor for MS and a kid starving to death in some shithole in Africa,

Both are caused by the same kind of thinking. That's what makes poverty possible, asshole.

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 165

They're not forced. to.

To have this tax collected for them, instead of trying and failing to collect a "use tax" as they do now, they would have to agree to this simplified system which is not burdensome on the small business collecting it.

Either the entities sharing the zip code agree, or they watch the revenue pile up on trust.


Comment Re:Not unique (Score 1) 265

Search works Dan Ashman on article life. That particular one may be apocryphal (given how AL is designed, it probably is, as most are run in artificial environments, and not on the machine themselves).

Anyway, it's well known that the experiments *do* evolve to take advantage of flaws in the environment. I had a sign error in an economic model, and it found an equilibrium at a negative price.

Dan had a bad random number generator, and the things evolved to take advantage of its sequence! (I assume he's written about this at length, as much as he talked about it . . .).

In another case where someone in that same group was evolving programs, they instituted a random choice after a certain number of program steps as a penalty for taking too long. Turns out that the critters evolved to use that as a synchronization device . . .

Either of these could be the source of your tale after being relayed a couple of times.

A second system would be unlikely for most of these--even on a 486, complex experiments were done on single computers.


Comment Re: Will we move to Mars by then? ;) (Score 1) 95

I'm pretty sure he was referring to finding planets (that are also larger) before Earth is no longer habitable. He failed to take account that people would most like weigh a lot due to a larger planet being more massive.

If anything looking at it would be a tease, but wouldn't do any good if you weigh 3x as much as you would on Earth for example.

Comment Re:Insurance (Score 2) 666

Speaking as a lawyer . . .

"in court" is the catch.

*which* court?

There isn't a court in the country with jurisdiction to prosecute "he sped somewhere in some jurisdiction." A court needs to convict for a specified violation within it's own jurisdiction. An acknowledgment that means a crime was committed *somewhere* that *might* have been in that jurisdiction isn't sufficient to convict.

hawk, esq.

Comment Re:For the record (Score 1) 165

>Collecting sales tax on behalf of the states has
>been proposed, but some states don't collect sales
>tax and again, it probably would be struck down as
>unconstitutional based on state's rights to collect
>the tax.

Speaking as a lawyer . . .

you're just plain wrong on this.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that while states cannot force out of state entities to collect sales tax for them, it is for Congress to find a solution. It is not that states *cannot* tax the purchases, but that they cannot tax *out of state* entities. Congress indisputably has the power to handle the issue.

hawk, esq.

Comment Re:For the record (Score 0) 165

The solution has been obvious for more than a decade.

Each zipcode gets a tax rate. If it crosses jurisdictional lines, either the jurisdictions resolve the split between themselves, or it stays in trust until a court resolves the split.

This is a *very* small array for an electronic report.

The company writes a single check, with a monthly electronic report breaking it down by zip code.

Comment Re:True (Score 0) 247

There's no room in business for humor. No good business person makes a decision without calculating their potential profit and loss (or risk/benefit, if you prefer those terms). If you don't understand it, I'd hazard to guess that you've never been involved in senior business decisions for a multimillion dollar company.

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