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Comment Re:how can you not play a 9 year old digital tape? (Score 1) 440

I have a dying relative that I visited a few years ago, with a Sony Handycam I got in 2004 that records DRM tapes. After her funeral I dug around in the closet and found a box with the recorder and a dozen tapes. However, Sony no longer supports their nine-year-old camera and doesn't provide USB drivers for it anymore, so the videos are apparently trapped on the tapes unless I can find an old XP system. They can only be watched on the little camera screen, and when it breaks they're gone forever. I really hate Sony.
The Internet

Time For X-No-Wiretap HTTP Header? 202

Freshly Exhumed writes "A security blogger, acknowledging that the NSA methodically ranks communications on the basis of their 'foreignness' factor to determine candidacy for prolonged retention proposes, is proposing ' opportunity for us on the civilian front to aid the NSA by voluntarily indicating citizenship on all our networked communications. Here, we define the syntax and semantics of X-No-Wiretap, a HTTP header-based mechanism for indicating and proving citizenship to well-intentioned man-in-the-middle parties. It is inspired by the enormously successful RFC 3514 IPv4 Security Flag and HTTP DNT header.'"

Comment Termination shock vs. conservative shock (Score 5, Interesting) 75

Note that the quoted article says absolutely nothing about "weather on Earth". It's talking about "dramatic changes in our solar system", i.e. a distortion in the shape of the termination shock, which lies 75 to 90 AU away from the sun. That is an effective boundary between the heliosphere and the ISM, where the solar wind and the interstellar wind are equally dominant.

Neptune orbits at 30 AU, but the "solar system" is understood to extend at least to the Oort cloud, 50000 AU distant. Earth orbits at 1 AU which is well inside the heliosphere, where the solar wind is much more important. That's why these spacecraft have to look at neutral helium atoms, which are the only interstellar wind components that can actually make it down here without being deflected by solar magnetic fields. Outside the solar system they have a rough density of about ten helium atoms per mL.

This has much less influence on the Earth's climate than the "sunspot activity" referred to by politicians, but you can expect to hear a lot of crap soon, e.g. "Weather on Earth might be shifting in part because of human activity, but larger context in which the Earth moves has some trends to deal with as well".

Comment Re:From Yesterday. (Score 1) 362

The Internet *was* built on trust. It also happens to be the case that not all people on the Internet are to be trusted and thus cryptography is necessary.

As you may know, many core pieces of the Internet are moving from the trust-all model to more secure models. Routing protocols, DNS, email, you name it. It used to be the case that when you plugged in your ethernet cable, you had a reasonable expectation that your computer would be safe.

That's not the case anymore and our infrastructure will evolve accordingly.


Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 206

This is state law in Montana:

If I dig a pond, and fill it with water I own rights to, and pay property taxes on that land, then buy fish from a hatchery and stock my own pond with fish I paid for -- I still need a fishing license to fish in my own pond for my own fish.

How does that have anything to do with overfishing? since I provided 100% of their habitat out of my own pocket, and paid for the fish as well??

Comment Re:zimmerman stalked the poor kid (Score 1) 588

"Basically, you have reached a conclusion without actually knowing the facts of the case, and then reinterpreted the evidence to support your conclusion."

Isn't that precisely what "parallel construction" does to create "evidence" ?? Isn't that what slashdotters were roundly condemning just a couple weeks ago ??

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