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Comment Re:Only usable in some jurisdictions (Score 1) 186

I know this was probably posted sarcastically, but it's a difficult path to walk. On one side you have rape-culture feminists saying "don't tell me how to dress, teach your sons not to rape" and on the other side you have the police and others trying to give advice on risk minimisation such as "don't dress like a slut".

I think the answer is somewhere in between.

A friend of mine recently blogged how she trained in martial arts, dresses conservatively if out at night and engages in other risk minimisation behaviours, but worries that while it makes her safer, it potentially just means the hypothetical attacker, if out on the prowl, may simply go for another, 'tastier' snack. She feels guilty that while she may be safer, she has made someone else less safe by comparison.

We definitely need to teach our children that 'no means no' and that they don't have the right to force themselves on an unwilling partner. But while that message is sinking in, we need to teach them to consider the risks in how they behave.

Children and adolescents are especially at risk because they still haven't formed the ability to assess risk and make judgements as to their own safety. In some ways it's easier to protect very young children than it is to protect teens, who will be trying to prove their own individuality while feeling immortal.

TL:DR it's complex and something we really should treat as a joke.

Comment It Just Occurred to me (Score 1) 204

It just occurred to me, one of the researchers pulling out was slated to give a presentation on how to hack sharepoint.

While it would be an enormous loss for the community not to have the opportunity to learn more about the specific ways this guy attacks M$'s premium CMS ... ... how much effort would it really take for a bunch of Defcon attendees to put together a session with equally useful information about hacking sharepoint to replace it?

Comment This sort of thing happens (Score 5, Insightful) 204

I can't speak for the people who have chosen not to participate or their reasons for doing so.

I am sure it will be a loss for the event, but not as much as the one that comes from the lack of a public dialogue about the government's actions and activities tracking internet traffic.

Saying that Defcon fosters an open community where there are no sides is a little misleading. The government has it's own reasons for showing up and they are not all related to sharing ideas, learning and having a good time. It's just the other people who really lack an agenda.

I know people who are not going to Blackhat because the NSA is giving the keynote. What kind of strange alternate future is it we live in where this even happens?


Video IT Analyst Dan Kusnetzky Talks about Cloud Computing and Cloud Hype (Video) 27

Dan Kusnetzky and I started out talking about cloud computing; what it is and isn't, how "cloud" is often more of a marketing term than a technical one, and then gradually drifted to the topic of how IT managers, CIOs, and their various bosses make decisions and how those decisions are not necessarily rational. What you have here is an 18-minute seminar about IT decision-making featuring one of the world's most experienced IT industry analysts, who also writes a blog, Virtually Speaking, for ZDnet.

Comment Re:DOJ, pay attention (Score 2) 387

The silos at Microsoft were built in part as a way to get the DOJ to leave them alone, to at least make it look like the Office division didn't have an unfair advantage over Lotus or WordPerfect Corp in developing Windows applications. Getting rid of the silos is a test to see if they can get away with it (again). They probably can, but only because the DOJ settlement worked, and Microsoft is no longer the 800-pound gorilla of the industry, but just another 300-pound gorilla facing serious competition from Apple and Google.

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 1) 344

Profit is the goal. The control aspect is just their idea of securing that profit. At the end of the day, it's about doing a job and making money. As a group, I can't imagine entire office departments wringing their hands like some super villain plotting to take over the world. Most likely these are law firms on salary justifying their jobs by "doing something" to secure that profit. Evil is evil. It's just that this form of evil is based on logic, not emotion.

Comment Re:Enough with the cloud crap already!! (Score 1) 445

Ok, you bring up a good point regarding cost. Just keep in mind that computers are really cheap with it being more cost-effective to throw away a consumer unit vs spending someone the time to remove a virus. This does not (yet) include the owners doing the work. It's sort of like the $15 CD player (Walmart special) 10 years back. If it broke, you didn't fix them. Recently there was an article about cheap WiFi chips and how they can be put into virtually any electronic device. Apparently the ICs can be made so cheap it's like popping candy out the machine. In 20 years from now, who knows. You might even be able to pour a bucket of liquid nano machines and "paint" iPads on the wall. It's far fetched, but you get the gist - cheap.

With regards to security: Either you trust the input device or you don't. Assuming you trust it, making a secured RPD / Citrix like connection will be a non-issue. The session would be encrypted SSL back to the 'cloud'. All of your browsing, e-mailing, gaming, AutoCAD drawing...etc would be rendered in the cloud. The thin-clint session is basically one advanced remote KVM to the cloud virtual computer. All encapsulated and encrypted end-to-end.

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