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Comment Why not... (Score 1) 459

Why not make something like "I am Spartacus"? Viruses dressed as Romans have a lot of people gathered up and start asking who's Linux. Then some random cool-geeky-looking-type stands up and sais "I'm Linux" then a whole lot of other random people stand up, all walks of life and start saying "I'm Linux." You know, community & internationalization & everything else?

I'd do this myself but I'm lacking in resources or talent or time to pull this off.
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Submission + - Ubuntu's New Artwork (

cronco writes: "None of these themes are set as default, but the fact that they're introduced makes them note-worthy anyway.

In Ubuntu's upcoming version, 9.04, The Jaunty Jackalope, 3 new themes seem to have been added, and they all seem to have underplayed the importance of brown. Some see brown as Ubuntu's trademark, so will this be a good move?

I for one use Dust right now and I love it, it's sleek and it somehow mantains that Ubuntu feel (in the good way)."

Comment Well that's all fine and dandy... (Score 1) 145

But it was also the Romanians that managed to get the mainframe of their jail system infected with Downandup and the whole database was wiped out. At least that's how the media here reoprted it. "Luckily" there was a back-up plan. A very "old-school" back-up plan.

That's right. The back-up was on dead trees. So now they have put all that data in by hand.

Talk about a bipolar country.

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