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Comment Move on?! (Score 1) 168

The last sentence from TFA is really funny "Then you can move on with your life.'"

I never had a facebook page (and believe never will). How will I be able to move on with my life?!... Ahhhhrrgggg...

I don't keep in touch with people just because we used to share the same classroom 20 years ago... Some are my close friends, others just a memory of the past and I like it like that. And get off my lawn!

Comment Ignorance (Score 1) 520

I work in Europe for a computing American Corporate (Nasdaq). They have a Facebook page where they have photos/profiles of employees. They encourage employees to share their facebook pages, and a lot of them like to show where they were last weekend with their snotty babies and friends(!). Unfortunately, even in computing, a lot of people are ignorant in relation to privacy, or choose not to care, as long as they look good with upper management...

OTOH, I have 3 sisters that have non computer related jobs and it's a battle to explain this exact issue here in /. because they too are so naive that fear nothing from their "harmless activities". (As happened to a friend, someone recognized some friends in photos that is a known [pick one - communist, gay, black, pot smoker, etc, bla] and he was stalked for some time...

I lost contact with some friends because they don't look at their emails anymore, but are on facebook every day. I even considered opening a fake account just to contact them, but I too will not bother...

I have never had a facebook/tweeter/myspace/bla,bla account and never will, but I'm a computer programmer...

Comment Why is religion here? (Score 1) 570

I read a small article about it this morning while coming to work.

Instantly I thought about /. and the educated comments that I would read about it... Instead I see that almost 2/3 of this topic is flooded by those theists/atheists comments that everybody already knows. The science guy asking why a/some god(s) allow people to kill and make others suffer in its name(s), the biblical passages of how Adam and Eve populated the earth without incest, the Noe's arc, the age of the earth, the universe and everything, bla, bla...

I was hopping for more great scientific minds that contribute to /. to make us (the mortals - not theoretical physicists:) understand why this hot plasma is important for our understanding of the universe and what preliminary case scenarios we can take from it.

I would love to have you commenting this great subject (despite the idiotic title) with scientific explanations/consequences/ideas/educated speculations - and forget about that fanboy religious/non-religious wars. (I almost compare that to nVidia vs ATI or Win vs OS/X).


Submission + - The Star Wars Kid is back (

An anonymous reader writes: It was eight years ago that Ghyslain Raza slashed his way into our hearts with his Star Wars Kid video. Sadly, Raza suffered from severe bullying and abuse for his video and eventually ended up in a psychiatric ward for children. However, his video was seen 1 billion times and multiple thousands of geeks came immediately to his defense. While those must have been the worst years of his life, things are now looking up.

Comments focus on bullying.

Comment EU (Score 1) 531

Turkey has been lobbying and pressuring the EU for joining. For many years I've been very afraid that would happen. Now it seems it will not happen in my lifetime... OR should I be even more afraid now?...

Comment To be a beta tester you have to pre-order?! (Score 1) 309

I'm ruled out without even have a go. I thought beta testers would have a go without the need of purchasing. That's the wole point: Do you like the product or not? To be a beta tester I have to pre-order something I have no idea if it gets to my expectations... Why would I do that? I've owned the Star Trek games that have arise in the past... Not good... At all! Give me the chance to say Yey or nay! (Trekie for over 20 years)

Submission + - AMD Demos DirectX 11 Capable ATI Graphics Card

An anonymous reader writes: Today at a press conference in Taiwan, AMD demonstrated the world's first GPU capable of DirectX 11 technology. The demonstrations shows the major improvements DirectX 11 gives us over DirectX 10 and also shows us what AMD has in stored for an ATI Graphics Card coming out before the end of 2009 capable of DirectX 11. AMD shows three primary features of DirectX 11; one being tessellator which allows for less blocky and more fluid and realistic details, Compute Shaders which allows for less restricted programming, and finally they show us how DX11 is better designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.
Social Networks

Submission + - China Cracks Down on Twitter, Other Social Media (

besecure writes: Chinese authorities shut down blogs, Internet forums, and social media sites such as Twitter in an apparent attempt to stem online political discussion ahead of Thursday s 20th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on 1989 s Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests.

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