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Comment Re:FSM (Score 1) 763

really think a flood covered the whole earth? and that a guy noah put ALL pairs of animals on there?

you really think that moses split the red sea?

all that stuff happened?

if they lie so much about big stuff, how can you trust even the small stuff they write about?

btw, bibles were written by groups of men with agendas. and the main purpose was NOT to be historically accurate. the main agenda was to sell concepts. hardly the mainstay of history books.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 413

turn it around: MS didn't have enough made since, I'm thinking they didn't believe in the concept enough to invest in a bigger manuf run.

they COULD have made any amount they wanted. consumer electronics are not hard to get made and when you are MS, you can name your partner (or partners) and demand anything you want.

this is 100% intentional. they didn't make enough since they wanted to test the waters, first. and also 'impress' people with fake under-supplies.

Comment Re:Oh, the irony! (Score 2) 291

this is VERY generational.

I'm middle age and I consider it rude to pull out your phone while we are in a meeting (even just lunch); but if you are 20's and 30's age, its COMMON to see people checking their phones every 15 mins or so. people will sit at tables and stare at their phones and poke at it, even when there's another person in their party across from them.

more and more, the younger generation's ways will be commonplace and accepted.

would I check my phone if in a meeting with a ceo? probably not. but if its regular people, I might.

Comment Re:FSM (Score 4, Insightful) 763

Primarily it is a history book,


its 100% fiction and you bloody well know it.

its no more history than zeus and the roman/greek stories.


who, today, would argue for ANY 'historical' basis on greek/roman mythology?

and note, we ALL call it mythology.

why can't you accept that yours is also at the SAME exact level?

because you were raised on it? is that any reason at all? honestly?

Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 1) 318

we are talking about 2 diff things. one is the carriers not wanting to adopt base android updates or re-integrate them. that's a problem but not to the nexus guys who are supposed to get 'direct' and vendor-free updates.

my problem is that I'm on a nexus and I thought I could expect more. but I'm seeing the 'left behind' syndrome and its NO carrier in the picture. there is google and CM and no vendor at all in between. if the phone is not updated, I blame google first and to a lesser degree, the good guys at CM. but CM can't fix major design fraults and I don't think CM are bad guys. they can only do so much. but google should be keeping the trees going forward and not stop at 2.x just for really lame reasons. I would not expect CM to take my phone behond 2.x if google, themselves, won't put time and energy into it.

Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 1, Troll) 318

(modded insightful? where? why?)

yes, google is at fault, not the vendors. they bundled hardware and os too much and this is the result. fragmentation, HERE, means that 'this hardware is too old, waaaah!' and they abandon it for security updates, app updates, feature updates (that don't require snazzy new hardware).

they simply did a lazy and poor job. go ahead, mod me down. but its still true. the way android is structured, they abandon stuff way too early and for the lamest of reasons.

its not 'just complaining'. if you think so, you are more deluded than those you are complaining about.

Comment Re:Not vendor fragmentation (Score 4, Interesting) 318


google abandoned the 'bad old hardware' (gfx chips were 'too old').

and so they stopped ALL updates of importance.

its not the vendors. don't blame them. its the creator of android. those guys messed up the design (split of gfx and non-gfx) and so we get 'end of lifed' systems that are FAR too young to be put to pasture.

sigh. really, deep sigh.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Insightful) 318

nexus one user, here. cm7.2 is 2.3.7

likely, that will be all it ever runs.

shame and pity that google designed this. they farked it up. would you tolerate a linux distro that ended just a few years after it started?

that's how I feel. abandoned.

I run linux hardware (x86) that is recent and I also have 10 yr old systems that are just fine (thanks) and I continue to get linux updates for them.

but not android.

stupid google. seriously. why do people give google a pass on shit like this? we would not put up with this on regular desk/server linux.

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