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Comment Re:7.0? Really? (Score 1) 292

Their release schedule was announced back in July, so it's not like they're hiding their intentions:

And of course they're doing this. It doesn't cost them a nickel, and the average computer may indeed compare version numbers of competing products (even if they shouldn't).

Comment Re:The Second, If Not Both (Score 1) 466

The first is most likely going to give you some automata theory for computers but unless you're going into theoretical research, the second is the obvious answer.

Wow, this is about as far from the truth as I can imagine. Although someone in another comment mentions the travelling salesman problem, there are at least dozens of other incredibly important problems in graph theory and combinatorics that are worth millions of dollars to companies you may have heard of (e.g., Google, IBM, etc.). Hypergraph partitioning (for VLSI placement and boolean satisfiability) is one; constraint-based reasoning is another.

Vectors and differentials are likely to come up in graphics, so I won't purport that they are less important than discrete math. But, to assert that one of these is hands-down more useful than the other is nonsense.

Comment Re:Special Treatment for Kenyan in the White House (Score 1) 783

... [Democrats] use race as one of their election platforms."

That's quite a claim. Can you back up your claim with any substantial evidence? I don't recall Obama EVER saying that you should vote for him because of his race.

I do, however, know of scads of republicans who think Obama should be cast out of office for being "not of this country.". THAT, sir, is racism.

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