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Comment Re:419 Scams (Score 1) 808

A good book about actual millionaires in the US is The Millionaire Next Door. It has some interesting trends (like millionaires are more likely to drive an F150 than a luxury car) and shows that most millionaires get there through hard work, investment, and most importantly, don't spend it on a bunch of crap they don't need. The American dream is still alive and well, but most people aren't willing to put in the time, elbow grease and self-restraint to actually get there.

Comment Re:This is so important ... (Score 1) 512

That's one thing that has always bugged me. There's always a big commotion about anorexic models, but they don't consider that they are only a small percentage of population, with only 3% of the population having a binge eating disorder, and roughly two thirds of the population is overweight or obese. Don't get me wrong, anorexia is a serious medical condition and people need to be informed about it, but I think its been way over publicized because of all the celebrity gossip that's going around today, so people think it's more prevalent than it actually is.

Comment Re:Please read up before commenting, (Score 1) 92

The whole story of Perot's rescue was documented in a book by Ken Follett called "On Wings of Eagles".
At one point, Perot actually flew in to Tehran pretending to be a courier for a news service so he could actually visit the two guys in jail. Pretty ballsy, and while there might be few executives who would organize a rescue attempt, he's probably the only one willing to do that for their employees.

Comment Re:Obvious bullshit (Score 1) 98

There's already a company in Boulder, Colorado that tests kids' DNA for a "sports" gene. Apparently there is some sort of link between the ATCN3 gene and athletic ability (like running speed or endurance). This just looks like they're looking at other genes that have a tenuous association with other abilities. That being said, even an overall sports ability is probably based on more than just that gene, so I don't think any of these types of tests are detailed enough to give much of a good result. There was also an article about Atlas Gene in the NY Times last year.

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