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Comment Re:For the americans (Score 1) 305

Have you noticed how american football is like rugby in body armors? And with "in body armors" I mean "for pussies".

And how ice hockey is like field hockey in body armors? And yeah, I mean "for pussies" too.

And in baseball you don't even have to touch other players ...

I think I'm starting to see a pattern here ...

Comment Re:First Post (Score 2, Informative) 664

As I said,

as long as they don't disturb the ones who want to learn

It was an example, but I agree that if an individual bothers me shouting "Headshot!" just once, I would kick him out of the room personally.

But filtering/censoring is not an option, because of the usual problems like who would decide what is appropiate and what is not and the kind of stuff ./ discusses every day on foreign countries.

Comment Re:First Post (Score 5, Informative) 664

and get them to concentrate

Why would you want people to concentrate? People should want to concentrate, they are the only ones who can decide that. If they wanna play WoW during class they should be allowed, as long as they don't disturb the ones who want to learn.

It's their choice and nobody else's. Personally I intercalate between doing fun stuff and paying attention, because I decided to, and I face the consequences quietly and in my own.

Comment WTF (Score 1) 721

What The Fuck ?
I couldn't believe when I saw this article's title, really.
I may be 17 and I like classical music, I mean it's music in it's bare form, it's perfect to learn theory, but I listen modern electronic music, that takes all this theory and adds another ton of theory (filters, compression, dynamic ranges, etc) and it's more complex, fun and sometimes original.
But I would be an hypocrite if I listened to trance and hated formal music, it's like loving house and hating funk, I wouldn't be listening it because I love how it sounds, because they sound the same, I would be listening to it because some social crap.

Comment This (Score 1) 578

What about doing it the other way around? You could study how the filesystem works with one specific set of hardware, and write specific data in specific milliseconds in specific places to force the hard disk to write the 1s and 0s exactly were you want them. You would be very limited, but it could work.

Comment WPA? (Score 1) 263

I dunno, I let other people use my Wi-Fi, I just put myself in their place ...
I think of encryption as 'dirty' and 'homosexual'.
I can imagine myself going over to my firend's and if when I try to connect, to play some starcraft, it asks me for a password, I think I would straight-murder his family. Honest

Comment WIN (Score 1) 1019

demanding that we do not use our music players at work

That's ok, don't take your music player, just take a regular amp and a couple of speakers and stream your music from your home PC so you (and everyone 2 blocks around) can listen some hardcore music (supposing you listen experimental breakcore).

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