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Comment Don' t like it, quit (Score 1) 337

As a software engineer, this makes sense to me. I haven't met many other engineers who don't like their jobs. Those who do, quit and do something else. I suspect it helps that before you get called "engineer" you build some widely usable skills, and we get paid pretty well even early in the career. So if you don't like it, you have some flexibility in finding something else. Try that in a field with highly specialized (or no) skill, or less ability to save money.

Comment Re:The damage is already done (Score 1) 813

That article really pissed me off. I'd been reading about some of the studies they mention...

A study by the American Institute of Medicine concluded that a link between thiomersal in vaccines and neuro- developmental disorders --including autism - was 'biologically plausible'

Quite aside from the fact they didn't bother to identify the study, and only quoted two words from it, they didn't bother to mention that the AMA has since endorsed (DOC) the opposite.

In a related U.S. study, researchers found a 'statistically significant' association between thiomersal in vaccines and children with problems such as attention deficit disorder and speech and language learning delays.

Is there an extra page in the British version of Strunk & White that says you should never identify a study or quote more than two words?

How can they mention (I will not call it "cite") studies that are inconclusive on some aspects of a vaccine link, and fail to mention that every study which is rigorous enough to reach a conclusion has concluded there is no link?


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