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Comment Re:Is it REALLY that bad? (Score 1) 295

I hear what you're saying, one question though, who decides what's important? If it's going to wipe out DC, I'm sure there will be lot of effort to killing the asteriod, but what if it's going to destroy the homes / farms of fifty farmers on some country somewhere, will the effort still be expended? Just wondering, not poking holes. :)

Comment Re:More than last year (Score 1) 270

One thing I've found odd, is going to my old workplace I haven't visited in over a year, and feeling like I'd seen some people yesterday, because I 'see' them often on FaceBook. I'm one of those that has 200 'friends', but they're all people I know IRL (except for 2 American friends I made playing WoW together for over a year), and people I'm interested in, but catching up IRL is difficult because I've moved since, and have limited time to get away from work. So yeah, I don't mind FB, but I'm no addict. :P

Comment Re:Defense doesn't add up (Score 1) 371

Very good point (disclaimer, I love Colin Hay and Men At Work), but keep in mind the song is about Aussieland, and the vast majority of Eucalyptus (gum trees) are native to Aussieland, only about 15 out of over 700 types are found outside Aussieland, so maybe he was there simply to highlight another Aussie icon. Of course the flute does imply intent, but only Men At Work know... :) Eucalyptus info from Wiki.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 973

Note that areusche said 'debit'. I've got a debit/credit, which means that it's linked to my account, and I can buy things off the 'net as if it's a credit card, yet I can only spend what's in my account. It's a Westpac Mastercard, with the same numbers as a regualr Mastercard, yet I can't spend more than what's in my account at any given time. Freakin' handy for thinkgeek, ebay... :)

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