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Submission + - Lg Optimus Pad Mobile (

Anonymous Coward writes: "LG Optimus Pad (Also known as T-Mobile G-Slate in US) has a 8.9 inch WXGA capacitive display with multi-touch input support. One special feature of the Optimus Pad is the 3D support for main camera. Users can record 1080p HD videos using the camera and transfer it to external HDTV or any other compatible device through the built in HDMI port."

Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 185

I know it sounds silly.... but RTFA

a simple X-ray will show the lungs as black holes in the body, a mystery box of trouble. But if a patient takes a breath of helium-3, the resulting MRI is so bright it looks as though the patient inhaled a light bulb

Comment Re:Bye-bye! (Score 4, Interesting) 997

I worked for a company once that had a strict rule of 7.5 hours per day 5 days a week. If you needed to work extra to finish something you had to get clearance from the director of development.
Their reasoning was that after 7.5 hours per day you introduce much more errors and that will increase testing and bug fixing time and ultimately the company product.

With that reasoning in mind..... 10-11 hour days will likely f-ck up any programs developed pretty badly :-)

Comment Re:Pretty cool... (Score 1) 141

The important lesson from this is that if you were to strip out all the stuff that comes in most distros to handle all kinds of hardware and such you would get a faster boot on your desktop too. Now, having said that..... How much does boot time really matters??


Embedded Linux 1-Second Cold Boot To QT 141

An anonymous reader writes "The blog post shows an embedded device cold booting Linux to a QT application all in just one second. This post also includes a link which describes what modifications were made to achieve this."

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