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Comment Re:Context? (Score 1) 671

I disagree. I would say the amount of support they get from the US in the way of tax breaks and having the freedom to run their business obligates them to not do business in countries that are directly in opposition to the constitution. They could NOT run their business in China. Since the constitution was written literally for all people. Any US company that helps another contry censor the people and track down dissidents should have there corporate charter revoked.

So, it's fine to for them to do it on US soil? and, although I don't know the US constitution, don't most European countries have at least something in their laws that is in opposition to the US constitution?

Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 249

To the best of my knowledge the drum kit you used was a custom job for Best Buy. Rock Band and Guitar Hero have never been supplied with a drum set that doesn't have a bass pedal. This setup gave you absolutely the wrong impression of how the drums work with the supplied drum kit. All the pads in Rock Band for instance are assigned to specific parts of the drum kit:

  • Red: Snare (Hi Hat only for specific songs with rolling 16ths such as Run to the Hills)
  • Yellow: Hi Hat and Tom 1
  • Blue: Symbol and Tom 2
  • Green: Crash and Floor Tom

You can also play it with the ION midi kit (which can actually be used to learn and record drum tracks on a PC) and that has a fully adjustable layout and separate symbols extensions for a more complete set up.

Having not used the Guitar Hero kit I can't comment on the relationship between it and a real kit but I certainly feel that the official Rock Band kits are accurate enough to learn the basics.

Comment Re:IE (Score 1) 236

I wasn't making a statement for or against ChromeFrame or Flash. I was pointing out that there is a distinct difference between IETab/ChromeFrame and Flash/Java.

As much as Flash/Java can prevent certain browser interactions, this mostly down to bad use of Flash/Java and/or bad coding of the content of those addons.

ChromeFrame would just completely break some of the browsers functionality. IETab does as well but at least that is completely optional on the users end (therefore, those using it are most likely to know why it isn't working). The decision of ChromeFrame is made on the developer end but a large proportion of users who end up with it wont understand why their browser isn't acting they way they expect.

I've just had a week where I've had nothing but complaints around our workplace because I turned off the option to install ActiveX controls (Java and Flash are installed by IT) eventually leading to a Director instructing me to re-enable it even though they have no reason to be installing anything.

If users are being that annoyed because the IE information bar doesn't act as they expect when it pops up (not that they understand what it's for), imagine what it'd be like if ChromeFrame started becoming popular because it wouldn't be the website that gets the support calls.

Comment Re:IE (Score 1) 236

Flash isn't a browser addon but an embeddable control. It is embeded into the website whereas what you were replying to refers to browser addons that change the way Firefox itself works. Flash cannot affect the browser 'chrome' whereas a browser addon can.

Comment Re:Story meaning? (Score 1) 313

Actually, a large portion of that player base were around when the downloads were available via the 'Official Blizzard Updater' or as direct torrent files for use in uTorrent, etc.

They removed the direct torrent files fairly early but they could still be extracted from the updater and were regularly found on gaming related websites as alternative patch options. Up until a recent update of the launcher the Blizzard Downloader had a details page that pretty much screamed bittorrent. I'd say that at least 20% of the official players who can use the updater know it is updated by bittorrent (which isn't an insignificant number) and I'm pretty certain most of those who play behind a university firewall have been told that the updater uses bittorrent, either by the administrator or by a friend who's suggested sharing the updater over the internal network so as not to annoy the higher ups.

Also, if you ever have a problem updating, one of the first things you get pointed to by a tech support member is a guide to allowing bittorrent traffic through your firewall. If you have problems after a few attempts they just point you to your ISP and tell you they are possibly restricting your connection because of the weight of traffic and it may be worth informing them you are updating the game.

Comment Re:It's so very odd..... (Score 1) 1376

To be more accurate about the 'Fire' myth. You can yell fire in a crowded theatre and only if the crowd panics and someone is injured/killed will you be held accountable for anything. If everyone leaves safely and no one gets hurt, the worst that can happen is you get banned from the theatre (it's private property after all)

Comment Re:RIAA (Score 1) 296

A boycott seems like a great idea in principle, but the big 4 have enough support from other forms of revenue that they can shrug off those who do boycott and lump you with the pirates.

Want to boycott RIAA music? Ok, that means never buying an RIAA CD, never playing a video game containing RIAA music, never watching a TV show that contains RIAA music, never listen to a radio station, never watching a film that contains RIAA music. In some countries it also means, never buying writeable media of various kinds, never paying for a taxi that has the radio turned on and possibly soon, not using the internet.

They've got their fingers in so many pies it is no longer feasible for most to just take the boycott route. Probably THE most effective thing we could actually do is organise a protest march passed the head offices of the big four stating that we will not support their abuse of the legal system, DRM and their treatment of customers or their dying business model. It's certainly not going to come from people sitting on their backsides hoping the next president will be that big of a change.

* This message was sent from the UK and I personally feel Obama is a good choice for you, even if he's not quite what everyone was dreaming of.

Comment Re:Bravo! (Score 1) 674

As far as the media industries are concerned if you are not Pro-copyright, you are anti-copyright. If you are anti-copyright, you are a pirate. In essence, the Pirate Party is so named because anyone who wants to weaken the current state of copyright in any way is deemed a pirate (a play on the use of the word). Therefore, the name Pirate Party is actually appropriate.

The use of pirate in this context is puely spread by the industries, otherwise this would be a party representing people at sea who go about their day stealing ships. They aren't the ones saying what a pirate is, they are saying they represent those labelled 'pirates' for things like having a song in the background of a video they put on youtube, just because it happened to be playing on the radio when the recording was made.

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